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How to Store Agave Syrup

Agave syrup is fast becoming one of the best naturally sweetened syrups to use as a sugar alternative. It originates from a succulent found in Mexico. 

So, how do you store this delicious syrup once it has made its way through the manufacturing process, into a container, and in your kitchen?

Does Agave Have an Expiration Date?

Agave is often compared to honey. Honey is one of the most incredible food sources known to man because it will never expire. But does that mean you can treat a jar of honey without the love it deserves, and it will just survive, regardless of the conditions? The answer is no–it must be stored sensibly, with basic care and knowledge, to be kept and reused indefinitely. 

Agave syrup is similar to honey when it comes to life expectancy. The fructose content in agave syrup acts as a preservative, preventing the onset of bacteria and keeping your jar of agave from going bad. Nevertheless, even with bacteria under control, keeping your agave in conditions perfect enough to avoid spoiling requires a certain amount of TLC. Two things are very important: first, you should ensure that your agave syrup is stored in a cool, dry place where it is not in the heat of any sun rays. Second, you must store agave syrup in an airtight container. Mold threatens the shelf-life of agave, and when containers allow even the faintest amount of air to penetrate them, mold spores can enter and cause irreparable damage to the agave.

Do I Need to Refrigerate Agave Syrup?

While you might have heard that agave needs to be stored in a refrigerated place, this is not the case. Your agave syrup can be stored at room temperature or frozen if you prefer this method of storage–just ensure the container you use is freezer-safe and that it is thoroughly thawed before use.

How Will I Know if My Agave Has Gone Bad?

The truth is if your agave syrup has fallen foul of any contaminants, the best way to tell is by using the same method as if you were checking that mysterious item that has been lurking at the back of the fridge for longer than it should have—use your eyes, nose, and mouth. Mold spores will be visible on the surface of the agave, and bad smells or tastes will be a clear and quick way of knowing if your agave syrup should be destined for the garbage. It should be reiterated that though agave has an indefinite shelf life when carefully stored, this is only if the above guidelines are followed. 

Is Agave Syrup Gluten Free

Yes! When it comes to which natural sweetener is best, Skinny Mixes naturally sweet margarita mixes, while made with agave, contain other ingredients and therefore cannot rely on the ability of agave to last indefinitely. However, we would like to think they will be consumed before needing to put this to the test!

Look after your agave, and it will look after you. A few small steps will go a long way to ensuring your agave outlives the rest of your kitchen!