Fruit Syrups

How to Make Fruity Sugar Free Drinks With Skinny Syrups

Syrups are the easiest and most efficient way to add the perfect amount of flavor to any drink! You don’t have to gather multiple ingredients or look up the recipe online; all you need is one syrup that has the taste down-pat. Add a little sugar free syrup to your beverage, and you’ve got the drink you want! Skinny Mixes brings this experience to a new level with a sugar-free fruit syrup collection that delivers bright and delectable flavors without the extra calories or carbs of sugar-filled alternatives.

What is the main ingredient of fruit syrup?

Fruit syrup, or fruit molasses, usually refers to concentrated fruit juices that are used as sweeteners. Sugar free syrup can be made entirely from fruit, but they can also be made a bit sweeter with sugar or, in the case of Skinny Syrups, a sugar-free alternative, like sucralose.

Fruit syrup versus fruit in syrup: What is fruit in syrup called?

Fruit in syrup is quite different from fruit syrup as these aren’t usually in syrup form. Instead, they’re more like a compote, with small pieces of cut fruit preserved in sugar syrup.

What can you use sugar free fruit syrup for?

Fruit syrup can generally be used wherever sugar, sweeteners, or other flavoring syrups are used. You can add the sugar free syrup to your food, such as in baked goods, or mix them into your beverages, like coffee, milkshakes, and cocktails.

Skinny Mixes also has water flavoring that’s designed to bring some fruity flavor to your regular H20, making staying hydrated a much more fun and fruity experience!

Which fruit syrup is best for sugar free recipes?

Skinny Mixes has a variety of sugar-free syrups, so you can choose what you want depending on your mood, preference, or craving. While all the flavors are delicious, the raspberry, peach, and blueberry flavors are Skinny Mixes’ best-sellers. People love them for their natural-tasting flavors and their versatility; you can mix flavoring syrup with lemonades, smoothies, and cocktails or even add them as guilt-free flavoring to your food.

How to Use Fruit-Flavored Skinny Syrups Such as Peach or Strawberry Syrup

Got a new bottle of Skinny Syrups and want more ideas on how to use them in your day-to-day life? Here are some ways to get you started:

Water Flavor

Add a few drops of your Skinny Syrup in water to stay hydrated the fruity way. We recommend starting with a few drops and then adding more to find your flavor preference. Some love just a hint while others enjoy the full flavor experience! With Skinny Mixes’ sugar-free and zero-calorie formulas, you can be sure that you’re getting flavorful water without any added guilt.


Whether you’re making margaritas, daiquiris, or just looking to liven up your vodka soda; Skinny Syrups is just what you need to give your cocktail a fruity boost without any sugar or calories. Think of Skinny Syrups as your secret weapon - the perfect finishing touch to any cocktail creation!


Add some guilt-free flavor to your healthy snacks and desserts. Just drop a few spoonfuls of Skinny Syrups into your yogurt, oatmeal, or pastries for a delightful boost in sweet fruit flavor.

The Best Fruit-Flavored Syrups from Skinny Mixes

Skinny Mixes offers the best fruit-flavored syrups that deliver flavor with zero guilt. Bring home a bottle of flavoring syrup for yourself today!