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Discover the Magic with Skinny Mixes' New and Trending Collection!

At Skinny Mixes, we believe in adding a dash of excitement to every sip, and our New and Trending Collection is here to do just that! Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of flavors with our NEW Mexico Inspired Collection and the latest internet sensation, the #WaterTok trending products and much more.

Introducing the New and Trending Collection Which Includes:

  • NEW Mexico Inspired Collection: Let the vibrant and captivating flavors of Mexico transport you to a land of rich culture and culinary delights. Our NEW Mexico Inspired Collection features an assortment of enticing syrups that pay homage to the country's extraordinary tastes. From the zesty notes of tangy lime to the warmth of Mexican spiced chocolate, this collection is a celebration of the country's diverse and mouthwatering ingredients.

  • #WaterTok Trending Products: Jump on the latest social media sensation with our #WaterTok trending products. These syrups have taken the internet by storm, enticing both the young and young-at-heart with their whimsical and enchanting flavors. Dive into the mystical world of mermaids with the Sugar Free Mermaid Syrup, indulge in the magic of unicorns with the Sugar Free Unicorn Syrup, and relish the sweet nostalgia of the carnival with the Sugar Free Cotton Candy Syrup.

How often are new syrups created?

At Skinny Mixes, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We constantly strive to bring fresh and exciting flavors to our customers, which is why we are always working on creating new syrups. Our team of flavor experts is continuously experimenting, tasting, and refining ideas to develop unique and delicious syrups. With a focus on staying ahead of the trends and meeting the evolving tastes of our customers, we release new syrups regularly.

How do you know which syrups are trending?

We keep a close eye on the ever-changing trends in the culinary world, as well as the preferences of our loyal customers. Social media plays a significant role in understanding what flavors are gaining popularity. Hashtags, mentions, and user-generated content help us identify the syrups that are creating a buzz among our community. Additionally, we actively engage with our customers through surveys and feedback, giving them a voice in influencing the direction of our products.

How do you create new flavor ideas?

Creating new flavor ideas is a delightful and collaborative process at Skinny Mixes. Our team of experts draws inspiration from various sources, including culinary trends, international cuisines, seasonal ingredients, and customer feedback. We brainstorm and experiment with combinations, aiming to strike the perfect balance between taste, aroma, and nostalgia. It's a journey of creativity and passion that allows us to bring unique and exceptional flavors to life.

What sugar-free syrups are always trending?

Certain sugar-free syrups have earned a special place in the hearts of our customers and remain perennial favorites. Classics like Sugar Free Vanilla, Sugar Free Caramel, and Sugar Free Hazelnut are timeless choices that never go out of style. These versatile and beloved flavors complement a wide range of beverages, making them a staple in many households.

How do you create new sugar-free syrups?

Crafting new sugar-free syrups involves a careful and thoughtful process. The journey begins with sourcing the perfect ingredients and conducting rigorous taste tests to achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and flavor. Our commitment to innovation and health-conscious ingredients drives us to create the best sugar-free syrups on the market.

With our New and Trending Collection, Skinny Mixes invites you to elevate your beverage experience to new heights. Savor the magic of Mexico, indulge in the latest internet trends, and enjoy the guilt-free pleasure of our sugar-free syrups. Join us on this exciting journey of taste and discovery, and let Skinny Mixes add a touch of flavor and fun to your life!