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Dessert Collection

Indulge your sweet tooth without guilt with Skinny Mixes Dessert Collection! This delightful lineup of flavors will transport your taste buds to a world of dessert bliss. 

So go ahead, treat yourself and savor the mouthwatering flavors of Skinny Mixes Dessert Collection. Dessert time just got a whole lot sweeter and healthier!

Delectable Dessert Flavor Skinny Mixes Sugar-Free Syrups

Sugar-Free Drinks Based on Desserts

Skinny Mixes sugar-free syrups include a fantastic range inspired by the most lavish desserts and can recreate those distinctive textures and tastes without a calorie or carb in sight! Why not try some of our suggestions below to explore the diversity of your preferred sugar-free syrup blend?

  • Mudslide mocktails using our rich, smooth Sugar-Free Chocolate Coconut Macaron Syrup
  • Grasshopper after-dinner mint cocktails blended perfectly with Sugar-Free Mint Chocolate Chip Syrup
  • Cookie dough café lattes mixed with Sugar-Free Cookie Dough Syrup

As a sugar-free alternative to conventional syrups, options such as our Candy Apple Syrup are packed full of flavor, sweetness, and delicious notes but are entirely free of sugar and made with natural, high-quality ingredients.

Can You Recreate a Dessert Into a Sugar-Free Drink?

Absolutely! With some imagination, creativity, and a taste for the sweet stuff, you can reimagine almost any dessert into a drink that tastes sinful but is secretly good for you. Whether mixing after-dinner cocktails, warm, soothing teas or coffees, or punchy smoothies as a post-workout pick-me-up, a sugar-free syrup styled on our most popular dessert flavors can transform bland flavors into something special.

Dreaming of tubs of creamy Rocky Road? Use our Sugar-Free Rocky Road Syrup to recreate your vanilla fro-yo protein shake into a dessert-worthy drink. Love to nibble on fluffy waffles dunked in the smoothest whipped cream? Try adding Sugar-Free Caramel Fudge Waffle Cone Syrup to your coffee, and you're good to go.

Sugar-Free Dessert Cocktails

There are limitless ways to design dessert cocktails with a punchy, sweet, luxurious flavor without undoing your diet or cheating on your wellness goals.

All Skinny Mixes sugar-free syrups in our high-demand dessert range have zero sugar, calories, or carbs. They're also kosher and gluten-friendly, as an ideal alternative to doses of sugar that can make each sip a carb-heavy experience!

What Is Dessert Syrup Used For?

Sugar-free dessert syrup is a kitchen staple for anybody who wants to make tasty, sumptuous desserts, coffees, or drinks that taste like a treat but are compatible with healthy eating.

You can add a dash of sugar-free dessert syrup to baking or oatmeal, spice up your coffee or tea, make your smoothies and shakes much more appealing, or even create original desserts without the sugar or calories.

Dessert Syrup Examples

Looking for some easy examples of how dessert syrup can positively impact your calorie intake or add sweetness to your bakes? Sugar-Free Banana Split Syrup is a firm favorite, with that fruity, natural taste that will have the savviest of dinner guests (or picky kids) convinced that their treat is of the full-fat, full-sugar variety.

Our best-selling Sugar-Free Glazed Donut Syrup is another syrup that you’ll use in everything, from the sweetest of bake sale cakes to oatmeal and porridge, with a light, donut-glazed taste that contains nothing but natural sweeteners.

From Iced Cinnamon Roll to Birthday Cake, every sugar-free syrup will delight your senses while being guilt-free and nutrition-friendly.