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Where is my order?

There may be some delays due to the extra precautions taken for COVID-19 for both our shipping team as well as our shipping carriers. You will receive an email with tracking once it has shipped. We're working as quickly & safely as possible. We appreciate your patience during this time ❤️

Typically orders ship within 2-3 business days then 3-5 days travel time. If you want to track your order by logging into your account here. You can also check your email for order confirmation and shipping notifications. 

When will my retail order ship?

Retail customer orders are shipped within 3-5 business days of receipt of the order, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays. *There may be some delays due to the extra precautions taken for COVID-19. We're working as quickly & safely as possible ❤️

When will my wholesale order ship?

Wholesale orders are typically shipped within 5 business days of receipt of the order, excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays, as we do not process or ship orders on those days.

Does my product need to be refrigerated after opening?

Skinny Syrups & Whipped Foams:– No refrigeration required.

Skinny Mixes: Please refrigerate after opening for flavor retention.

Keto with MCT: No refrigeration required.

What do you use to sweeten your products?

Skinny Syrups & Whipped Foam: Sucralose.

Skinny Mixes: Sucralose.

Naturals & Keto Syrups: Stevia, Monk Fruit & Erythritol.

Where can I buy locally?

Check out our list of our retailers

 You can also search "Jordan's Skinny Mixes" or "Jordan's Skinny Syrups" into google maps and it will show the stores in your area that carry our products. You will have to check with your individual store on specific inventory as they are purchased by the parent company and sent out to each individual store, so online will always be the best to find exactly what product you need!

Do you ship to locations outside of the US, including Canada?

Customers in Canada can purchase online from SkinnyMixes.ca

Customers in the UK and Europe can purchase online from skinnymixes.co.uk

Customer in Australia can purchase online from

Do you take orders over the phone?

We cannot take phone orders as we do not have credit card processing in our office. Our secure website is the best way to purchase our products online. 

How do I sign up for wholesale account?

Why aren't I getting free shipping when using a coupon?

To qualify for free shipping your product subtotal must be equal or greater than $59. If applying a discount, your order subtotal (excluding shipping and taxes) must be equal or greater than the qualifying amounts to receive free shipping after the discount has been applied. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Are your products Dairy Free/Vegan?

The only products that contain Dairy are the Cookie Dough Syrup and the Whipped Foams. All other products are suitable for a Vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle.