Natural Margarita Mixes: Make Drinks Sweetened with Natural Margarita Mix

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What Are America’s Favorite Margarita Mixes?

The number one margarita is the original recipe, with lime, tequila, and salt served on the rocks. Blending your Skinny Margarita Mix to make a frozen margarita is an excellent recipe option during warmer weather and is sure to be a favorite among your friends!

Interested in recreating the most popular margarita recipe? Go for Patrón tequila, straight out of the freezer, rock salt, and fresh limes, shaken in a cocktail mixer with our natural, low-calorie mix. You can easily learn how to make this recipe and serve it to guests. This recipe is quick, easy, and bursting with flavor.

Natural Margarita Mix Ingredients and Flavors

We’re proud of the all-natural ingredients list that makes our Skinny Margarita Mix a healthier, low sugar, and low-calorie alternative to the carb-laden regular margaritas you may have tried.

Natural Margarita Mix is made with extracts of stevia (a sweetener derived from plant leaves), erythritol (found in corn, fruit, and veg), and natural flavorings–although you’d never know it! This recipe tastes delicious when mixed with your tequila and lime to create the perfect drink.

Is Natural Margarita Mix Full of Sugar?

A standard margarita mix has a massive dose of sugar, calories, and carbs, with most drinks packing in at least twenty-eight grams of carbs. As a rough guide, a regular margarita will set you back around 250 calories for every four-ounce glass. If you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake, follow the keto diet, or want to cut back on calories, a traditional margarita recipe isn’t always the best choice of spirit.

Skinny Mixes Margarita Mix is different and skillfully blended to deliver the same unique flavor without the carbs, just a pinch of sugar for taste, and a super-low thirty calories per cocktail mix.

Does a Traditional Margarita Recipe Have Sugar?

New cocktail recipes come and go, but a margarita is timeless! This salty yet sweet drink is a staple for dinner parties, Friday night lights, and summer BBQs, and it's a big hit with friends of all ages.

The issue for margarita lovers is that if you’re using a cocktail mix, you’ll find approximately thirteen grams of sugar in every drink mix (and potentially a lot more–depending on the garnishes and tequila you go for!).

Our redesigned Skinny Margarita Mix is an easy win and a healthier way to make delicious margaritas and tequila recipes at home.

What Ingredients Is Natural Margarita Mix Made From?

Skinny Mixes uses a range of natural, plant-based sweeteners and flavorings to create our Natural Margarita Mix, blended with water, colors, and acidity regulators, which preserve the authentic taste and color of your cocktail mix while maintaining a stable pH which is essential for food safety.

We've skipped the added sugar and syrup base normally used in margarita mixes to give you a way to make this hugely popular cocktail recipe without the high content of sugar, calories, and carbs.