Skinny Cocktail Mixes + Bar Syrups: Cocktail Mixers for Your Favorite Drinks

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This collection is filled with Cocktail Mixes & Cocktail Syrups to make guilt-free cocktails with minimal effort and loads of flavor!

New Flavors for Your Favorite Drinks

Skinny Mixes make it easy to shake up incredible cocktails to wow your taste buds (and your guests!) with low-carbs, zero sugar, and just five calories a pop.

Our Skinny Syrups are a fantastic way to add oomph to your coffee, flavor to your glass of water, or blend perfect smoothies with divine, no-calorie mixes that pack a delicious punch.

Sample a classic Margarita, spice up a Skinny Mojito, or relax and unwind with our beautifully balanced Vanilla Bean Pumpkin Syrup coffee fusion for a soothing warm latte.

Skinny Cocktail Mixers

Our drink mixes are the ultimate in cocktail science, bringing an awesome combination of low-calorie, low-carb, and low-sugar mixes to make your signature cocktail - in seconds!

Conventional cocktail mixers are sticky, sugary, and don't do us any favors, so we've reimagined the world of mixes to bring you a new array of the most popular cocktail recipes without the fuss. Delicious cocktails can be made in your very own kitchen by simply stirring in one of our mixes.

If you don't have the tools to make intricate flavor blends or the space in your kitchen to prepare lavish and decadent cocktail mixes, our easy-pour bottles amalgamate those classic scents and notes to replicate craft cocktail mixes, fine-tuned to an ice-cold art.

Choosing Your Ideal Cocktail Mix

Skinny Mixes are superb for designing a unique party cocktail mix, with the option to combine taste profiles to concoct something truly special!

Pick and choose from different mixers at our store, with information about preparation ideas and suggested recipes available on each cocktail mixers page to inspire your inner mixologist.

With a range of bottles from 32 fl oz to cute 12.7 fl oz taster mixes, free of cane sugar and other teeth-eroding ingredients, we know you'll be blown away by the ease of preparation - whether you're leveling up your water intake or using margarita cocktail mixers to impress.

The Ultimate Skinny Mixes Cocktail Combinations

Skinny Mixes are designed to make stunning cocktails and barista-style coffees and teas available to everyone, whether you need to control your sugar intake, are on a specific nutrition plan, or want to cut back on excess calories.

Every cocktail mix includes guidance about the suitability for gluten-free, kosher, keto, and vegan diets and are appropriate for all, with no alcohol content.

FAQs - Skinny Mixes Cocktail Blends and Syrups

How Many Calories Are in a Skinny Jalapeno Margarita?

Jalapeno Margaritas are a tart, zingy, fresh cocktail that tastes amazing at a dinner party, cutting through spicy foods with a cool, clean finish.

Our popular Margarita mix contains only 2g carbs, no sugar, and 10 calories per serving, delivered in a smart 32 fl oz bottle.

What Cocktails Can I Make With Skinny Mixes Energy Syrup?

Our +Energy Syrups are wonderful if you need a little pick me up, without the guilt!

Save all the time and costs of the drive-through with a flawlessly smooth sugar free Peach Ring Syrup mix, complemented with 85 mg of Caffeine and beneficial B Vitamins to put a swing back into your step.

Simply pour the mix and add to your favorite drink, or pick up a handy pump syrup dispenser to make your bespoke cocktails all that easier to enjoy.