Keto Syrup: Low Carb and Sugar Free Syrup Sweeteners for All Your Favorite Recipes

What Are Keto Low Carb Syrups for Coffee?

Need something to make your days a bit sweeter, but keen to cut the sugar in your drinks recipe choices cause you want to stick to the keto diet and limit your sugar intake?

Introducing our newly expanded range of syrup sweeteners and maple syrup alternatives that come in incredible flavors that you can add to any recipe - Salted Caramel or Butter Toffee Syrup, anyone?

Simply choose your preferred sugar free coffee recipe, add a dash of our keto low carb syrup, and you'll be sipping on delightfully sweet drinks that you'd never guess were designed for the keto diet!

Is Low Carb Coffee Syrup and Sweetener Keto Friendly?

Oh yes - our rich keto syrup and sweetener contains no carbs or sugar, so it's perfect for making silky smooth caramel coffees or lavish keto-friendly alcoholic drinks! Mix up a drink, add a dash of syrup, and no one will ever know that it was a low carb and sugar free recipe.

The sweetener secret is in the natural sugar alternatives found in this syrup, meaning you get the taste of all the naughty stuff with zero guilt.

Low-calorie erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit are virtually sugar free, with around 70% of the sweetness kick of sugar, and are heaven in a bottle for those on a low carb keto diet.

What is the Best Low Carb Sweetener for Keto?

If you're following a keto diet, you'll know that sugar, as delicious as it may be, is a big no-no in a recipe! The keto diet guidelines allow about 50 net grams a day, making a gorgeous hazelnut latte or a pumpkin spice coffee a distant memory (without any decent sugar free alternatives!).

Skinny Mixes have engineered the ideal sweetener that is fully keto-friendly, using our innovative recipe to design a low carb, no sugar sweetener that tastes better than real syrup. We offer the best keto syrup for any recipe!

Is a Sugar Free Syrup Suitable for a Keto Diet?

Natural syrup is tough to incorporate into a low carb diet, so we thought it was high time someone dreamed up keto syrups with all the flavor profiles of sugar packed drinks and traditional maple syrup.

Our keto syrup recipes are produced with authentic sugar free replacements, perfectly suited for low carb, low sugar nutrition or those who love coffee but want to control their sugar intake.

What Kind of Coffee Syrup or Sweetener Can You Have on Keto?

Skinny Mixes syrup keto recipes recreate every type of popular coffee (and some of those blends your barista hasn't yet thought of!).

Try Cinnamon Dolce Syrup with a blast of MCT to boost your ketones, or go for a sugar free Vanilla Bean Syrup to stay on top of your sugar allowance, with a delicate syrup but none of the aftertaste.

Each syrup in our keto range is made with the ideal balance of sweetener, so you get the same luxurious aroma and flavor, whether you're whipping up a coffee, shaking your protein smoothie, or adding a lift to a sugar free bowl of oatmeal.

How Can I Make Coffee Taste Better on Keto?

We get that finding amazing drinks for a ketogenic diet isn’t always easy – and Skinny Mixes keto syrup is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Our mouthwatering, fully low carb keto friendly syrups are completely free of sugar or carbs, so if you’ve been craving a decadent Mocha, you’ll find an easy-as-pie recipe on our site to show you how to make the perfect blend with a quick splash of syrup.

What Kind of Syrup Can You Have on Keto?

The problem with breakfast syrup is that it’s packed with sugar as a sweetener (and tons of carbs!), which takes a bit of the joy out of your favorite breakfast drink.

Our zero-carb syrups are designed to make drinks for ketogenic diet followers as tasty as ever, without breaking a single rule!

Is Sugar-Free Simple Syrup Good for a Keto Diet?

Simple syrup, the key ingredient of so many amazing cocktails, isn’t your BFF if you’re following keto to drop a few pounds.


Every 30 ml serving of maple syrup contains a 5% chunk of carbs (14 grams), so you’re heading right for a quarter of your low-carb allowance per cup!


We always recommend Skinny Mixes keto syrup as a sugar-free simple syrup alternative if you’re after keto-friendly alcoholic drinks but need to stay on point with your nutrition.

What Can I Put in My Coffee that is Low Carb and Keto?

Looking for the ultimate keto syrup recipe that’s totally low-carb and free of dairy, gluten, and sugar?

Bulletproof coffee is one of the awesome breakfast drinks you can make with our best-selling Peanut Butter Cup syrup.

Throw together a hot cup of coffee, pour in a generous splash of syrup enriched with weight-loss-boosting, energy-improving MCT oil extract, and start your new day right!

A silky, keto coffee free of sugar and dairy is perfect if you’re vegan or just watching those calories in your coffee recipes.

What Are the Best Syrups for a Keto Diet?

It’s hard to continue to be dedicated to your keto regime as the weeks drag on, so finding an incredible syrup mix can make a huge difference in your diet success!

Here’s what you need to look for in a high-quality sweetener and syrup mix:

  • Free of sugar or carbs 
  • Added MCT oil for heart health
  • Natural sweeteners – bitter syrup for us, please!
  • Indulgent flavors, so you can bring variety to your syrup recipe choices

Skinny Mixes checks all these boxes in every bottle of our sugar free syrup sweetener range to keep our keto friends happy.

Where Can I Find a Great Keto Syrup Recipe for Coffee?

Sweetener made with amazing quality flavors and ingredients can do more than help you stay on track with your low-carb plan – it can enhance your progress, too!

Our Keto syrup sweeteners come with added MCT oil as a fast-track way to achieve your goals. You’ll find endless recipe ideas in our syrup recipe section, including cocktails, coffees, and smoothies, plus some great gift ideas to pop in your basket if you’re treating a friend to your favorite keto coffee syrup!

How Are Sugar Free Keto Syrups for Coffee Made

Syrup made for keto looks, tastes, and smells like any other yummy salted caramel, vanilla bean, or cinnamon dolce syrup – just with a secret, healthy twist.

We use the best natural sweeteners – like Stevia and monk fruit – to keep every bottle free of carbs and sugar, but with all the punches of flavor you get from authentic sugar. Keto syrup is a win-win!

What Can I Swap for Maple Syrup on a Keto Diet?

If you love a sweet, sugary coffee spiked with a dash of maple syrup, you'll appreciate that many keto low carb alternatives to maple syrup just don't pack the same punchy taste!

Skinny Syrups' keto flavors taste like real real maple syrup (yes, really!), so you can trade your sugar-loaded coffee for a healthy option that won't send your blood sugar skyrocketing - with the inevitable energy slump to follow.

What Is the Nicest Tasting Sugar Free Keto Syrup?

There is absolutely no reason you need to go for tasteless maple syrup alternatives to keep on track with a sugar free keto nutrition program!

We've spent years refining our low carb maple syrup replacements, with hybrid syrups boosted with MCT oil and natural ingredients such as Monk Fruit.

The sweetener is made with a unique product blend, which tastes like maple syrup or your fave flavor shot depending on your preferences.

Pick from other options such as Mocha, Peanut Butter Cup, and Cinnamon Dolce if you want to test maple syrup pick-me-up recipes that are ready in minutes!

How Does Keto Syrup Compare to Regular Coffee Syrup?

Not sure whether you're prepared to pop your maple syrup in the pantry just yet? Let's check out some like-for-like comparisons so you can see how maple syrup swaps measure up with low carb options!

Maple syrup is full of carbs (about 26% of your daily allowance!) but doesn't balance that with beneficial fiber.

Our sweetener replicates the taste and texture of maple syrup but has no sugar or carbs, so it's fine for people with blood sugar sensitivities or on a keto plan.

Typical maple syrup coffee recipes can hide up to 53 grams of sugar, which is over double the AHA suggested limit!

The same coffee recipe made with a maple syrup alternative sweetener has no sugar at all, so you won't need to skip dessert.

How Do I Store My Skinny Mixes Syrup?

While you can whip up a tasty cocktail or coffee in minutes, we suggest giving your keto syrup a good shake before you pour since the ingredients will settle!

You can store your sugar free maple syrup in the cupboard without refrigeration (yes, that means you can take your maple syrup alternative on your travels!).

What Are the Benefits of Using Sugar-Free Syrup in Coffee?

Maple syrup is a core ingredient in tons of recipes, but sadly it's not very saintly when you need a sugar free syrup for keto, with about 52 calories and 13 grams of carbs per spoonful!

A maple syrup substitute with sweeteners such as allulose or erythritol is a fantastic way to enjoy that classic coffee recipe, but without busting your keto diet or sacrificing your taste buds.

Keto-friendly maple syrup sweetener is naturally free of sugar, and our MCT oil blends give you an energy boost while being great for heart health and blood sugar levels!

The advantage of zero-sugar maple syrup is that you'll feel more vibrant, focused, and ready to tackle the day while protecting your health and avoiding tipping over those nutritional limits that aren't compatible with our beloved maple syrup.