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Is Agave Syrup Gluten-Free?

Modern scientific research allows us to investigate and understand the things we consume more deeply. Until recent years, gluten wasn’t acknowledged as a problematic food source, but it’s become increasingly evident that gluten can cause various issues when the body rejects people. 

Many people now identify as gluten intolerant, and many manufacturers now offer gluten-free alternatives to their products, including naturally sweet syrups. So, what about agave–is it gluten-free?


Agave’s Benefits

The common theme of the ingredients used by Skinny Mixes is their natural quality. Not only have these ingredients been carefully selected for their capabilities as natural sweeteners, meaning that each bottle of Naturally Sweet Margarita contains less than  thirty grams of sweetener per bottle (less than four grams per serving). They are also dairy-free and, yes, you guessed it, gluten-free. Being gluten-free is part of agave’s long list of benefits.

Skinny Mixes Naturally Sweet Margarita mixes come in four delicious varieties:



The flavors of tart and fresh lime provide the basis for this drink. It’s naturally sweetened with agave and stevia, and the natural ingredients combine to create a delicious margarita that can be enjoyed with zero guilt.


Peach Margarita

Agave and stevia work together to make the natural peach and lime flavors come alive in this tangy drink!


Spicy Margarita

The warming heat and spices of jalapeño, along with the taste of lime, are the basis for this refreshing drink. Agave and stevia are the final touches to give this margarita a splash of sweetness.


Strawberry Key Lime Margarita

Fresh strawberries and tangy limes make our strawberry key lime margarita mix a winner, flavored to perfection by adding agave and stevia.

Aside from the many health benefits of using agave and stevia in our various drinks, we are mindful that these ingredients allow us to offer products that cater to those with dietary requirements, including gluten intolerance. The blue agave and the agave tequilana from which agave is primarily sourced are nutritionally safe—no known allergens have been found in these plants. Professionals in the culinary world have quickly adapted and used agave in their cooking owing to this unique quality. 

We hope that by providing gluten-free ingredients in our naturally sweet margarita mixes, Skinny Mixes can cater to cocktail enthusiasts worldwide–no matter their preferences or dietary requirements!

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