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Skinny Squad Affiliate Program

Skinny Squad Affiliate Program

As a small business built from the ground up, we have our vocal and loyal customer base to thank. Whether you're the customer who buys one bottle a year or the one who purchases a 12-bottle bundle every month, we've created our Affiliate Program to benefit you all. No purchases are necessary to join! Keep reading for six reasons you should join the Skinny Squad Affiliate Program today.

110% Commission Paid Monthly On New Customer Purchases

Becoming a Skinny Squad affiliate means you create a custom coupon code for your friends, family, coworkers, and social media followers to use. When a new customer places their first Skinny Mixes order using your affiliate code or link, you earn a 10% commission on the order. If you're a die-hard Skinny Mixes fan already spreading the word about our unique brand and tasty products, why not sign up and start earning money for your promotion? All commissions earned are paid monthly through Paypal. Sign up to start receiving money for what you were already doing anyway - spreading the love for Skinny Mixes. We can cheer for that!

2Free Products and Gift Cards For Our Top Performers  

The top Skinny Squad affiliates will receive fun perks like free products and gift cards. Yes, that's right! Our Customer Service team will contact the top earners each month to provide their free bonus product or gift card. We want to continue implementing fun opportunities to give back to the people who have supported us since day 1. We appreciate all your love and support!

3 Collaborate With Us On New Flavors, Products, and Recipes

Our affiliates are always welcome to collaborate with us on new flavors, products, and recipes. We are constantly taking in new flavor requests to increase our offerings. Got a great idea for a product you'd love to see on our website? Email customerservice@skinnymixes.com to let us know what flavor we should release from the vault next! Did you make a recipe that could change the game for us all? Drop the deets in our email, as well! We love to provide everyone with free access to recipes that fit their lifestyle.

4 Get Featured On Our Social Media

Our affiliates help increase brand awareness by sharing our products on social media. By posting about our brand, you are increasing the number of Skinny Mixes' potential new customers. If you share our products and brand on social media, we would love to feature you on our page! Tag us on your preferred social media for a chance to be featured and gain more viewers.

5New Product Launch Sneak Peeks

Skinny Squad Affiliates get an exclusive look at what products we'll be releasing next. Who doesn't love to stay in the know? This exclusive access allows you to follow along with a product release date and be one of the first to snag new products.

6Early Notifications Of Upcoming Promotions and Discounts

This one is self-explanatory baristas, boss babes, and bartenders. Being notified about upcoming promotions and discounts offers you the opportunity to prepare and purchase at just the right time. Forget about all the times you missed out on a great sale because the notification came too late. Being an affiliate means you get exclusive access to upcoming sales to make sure you're one of the first to take advantage of them!

Ready to get started?

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