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Fruit Syrups for Tea

Are you looking for an easy way to keep the kids away from those sugary drinks? Or how about a quick way to change up that basic sweet tea you drink every day? A fruit syrup-based tea is the key to all your problems! When that summer sun hits, I need my kids to stay hydrated! Unfortunately, all the drink options they market for kids are either insanely expensive or loaded in sugar that keeps them up all night! These fruity teas have been a life hack for keeping my kids happy without the sugar rush. With over 80+ flavors, there is a Skinny Syrup for every tastebud!

Berry Peachy Iced Tea

Let's Get Peachy! This Tea recipe is a unique way to shake up that boring Iced Tea. Get all the flavour you need and more with our Peach and Raspberry Fruit Syrups.


8 oz Iced Tea

1 TBSP Sugar Free Peach Syrup

1 TBSP Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup

  • Handful of ice


Add syrups to a cup of iced tea, stir, and enjoy!

Cinnamon Apple Tea

Nothing like fall flavors year-round! This warming tea is a great pick me up for when you're under the weather! Skip the hassle of cutting up the fruit with our Candy Apple Sugar Free Syrup.



Brew tea with a stick of cinnamon. Pour a cup of hot tea and stir in 1 tbsp of Sugar Free Candy Apple Syrup. Enjoy!

Raspberry Lemon Elderflower Tea

Lemon Elderflower and Raspberry flavors bring just the perfect amount of sweetness to make an excellent addition to any tea! Enjoy this drink hot or cold!



Brew tea and stir in 1 TBSP of each fruit syrup. Garnish with a lemon for extra class. Enjoy!

Not really a tea person? We hear you! We have tons of different coffee syrups or liquour mixers here at Skinnymixes! We have numerous amazing recipes that will teach you everything from how to make yogurt to how to make to make your own Vanilla Starbucks dupes. With over 80+ flavors, there is a Skinny Syrup made for everyone! Looking for some other great Skinny Mixes content? Check out our birthday gift Ideas, or our ideas for gits for him for fool proof ideas!