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Skinny Mixes First Annual Retreat!

Let's be honest... if we could work from the beach and drink mimosas every day, we would be much more productive, right?!
At least we'd like to think so 😂

Last week, we had our first annual Skinny Mixes retreat in Longboat Key, Florida! Even though we were only an hour from the office, trust me when I say we ALL felt like we were in Hawaii. Our resort was sooo tropical and sooo remote that you would never be able to tell we were so close to home! We even put up a poll on Instagram to see if our fans could guess where we were. Some people truly thought we were in Cancun, Aruba, and even Jamaica... but nope! Just the good old Florida Gulf Coast! 🙂
One of the biggest highlights of our trip was the amazing hotel we stayed in - The Resort at Longboat Key Club. The rooms were huge, and we realized afterwards that our whole team probably could have fit into one suite. We each had our own full kitchen, living room, two ocean front balconies, and even a washer and dryer!😂 The resort was beautiful, and we definitely spent wayyy too much time at the pool. Thank goodness for sunscreen!
The purpose of this team retreat was to come up with a plan for 2021. We left with some spectacular ideas for next year! The majority of our time was filled with coffee, mimosas, and brainstorming/researching. It was so nice to have a few days dedicated to coming up with new products. We really got our creative juices flowing, and we're so excited for you to see our ideas come to life though out the next year! We always love being inspired by customer ideas for new products - if you have any, please email marketing@skinnymixes.com 😊
The first night of our retreat ended with a nice, outdoor dinner overlooking the sunset and ocean. The team enjoyed cocktails (Skinny Mixes, duh!) and spent time under the stars in the sand. All the bug bites were worth it! After spending our second morning finalizing new product innovation plans, we all hit the spa for massages and a nice lunch, then we headed back to reality....*sigh*
Can we do retreats like this more often? Let's make it a quarterly annual thing 😜
Want to join in on all the fun our team is having?! We're currently hiring for an Account Coordinator!