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What Can I Drink on a Sugar Free Diet?

There are many drinks without sugar - think herbal tea, lemon water, herb infusions, and kombucha, but we get that eliminating sugar from your diet completely can be harder than you think! 

It's tough to choose the best natural sugar alternative or work out what you can drink on a keto diet (there are thousands of artificial sugars to choose between!).

Today we'll answer the question: “What can I drink on a sugar free diet?”, and run through some of the super swaps that will get you on your pathway to better nutrition and health.


Does Sugar Free Mean Alcohol Free?

Most people assume that a great diet means cutting out all the good stuff, and that's a core reason so many inevitably fail!

Pick sugar free cocktail mixers, pure spirits, and fresh ingredients, and you can let your hair down without abandoning your diet plan.

Reducing your alcohol intake is helpful if your goal is to lose weight, but it's also important to look at how much sugar and carbs you consume as a longer-term strategy.

Healthy eating plans almost always advise against cocktails because:

  • Lots of alcohol is packed with carbohydrates.
  • Some drinks have more sugar per serving than a regular dessert.
  • Powdered, granulated sugars, syrup, and honey are heavy on calories.
  • Fruit juices can also be maxed out with fructose and high carb counts (did you know that a glass of OJ has as much sugar as a third of a Coke can?).

But, if you're looking for a diet you can stick to, we recommend Skinny Mixes cocktail recipes, with stacks of recipes on our site to show you how to make delicious drinks with low calories and, in most cases, no carbs or sugar!


What Coffee Should I Order if I'm Going Sugar Free?

Now let's talk about barista brews and the right menu options to go for if you want to scale back on the sugar.

Several standard coffees don't contain sugar (provided you step back from the sachets!), such as:

  • Americano: 15 calories, two grams of carbs, but no sugar.
  • Espresso: 10 calories, sugar free with two grams of carbs.
  • Brewed coffee (any roast): five calories, without carbs or sugar.

Trouble starts when you begin adding milk. A cappuccino, for example, doesn't have any sugar in the coffee, but if you chuck in 2% milk, you're looking at 12 grams of sugar naturally occurring in the dairy product.

Lattes pose the same challenge, and even without sweetener, you get 18 grams of milk sugar in a 16-ounce serving.

What to do if you're not a fan of a straight-up espresso and want something a little more luxurious?

Our advice is to check out Skinny Syrups, with all the flavors of cozy caramel, silky chai, and punchy pumpkin spice, but with none of those hidden diet-culprits, you'll pick up at the drive-through!


Sugar Free Drinks Ideas 

When you're committed to sugar free living, it might seem impossible to still relish your beloved tipples, but the innovative ingredients and craft mixes at Skinny Mixes will soon be your BFF!

There are all sorts of options; we'd suggest:

  • Try a Spicy Margarita for a grown-up evening: tequila, lime, our Skinny Margarita mix, and a sliced jalapeno pepper pack a serious punch, without the sugar.
  • Raspberry Mint Tea is gorgeous on a hot day - made with freshly brewed tea, Raspberry Skinny Syrup, and a few mint leaves for added flavor.
  • Hazelnut Iced Coffee is a taste explosion, with Sugar Free Hazelnut Syrup, ice, and cold brew, plus your choice of milk (or dairy-free alternative).

Once you start experimenting with sugar free drinks and cocktails, you'll see how sugar free diets are absolutely sustainable, with the right mixes to recreate all your sweetest treats.