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Best Natural Sugar Alternative

So, you're after natural sweeteners for smoothies that are actually good for you, or want natural cocktail mixes without the calories? 

Your answer is easy - Skinny Syrups.

There are multiple ways to replace sugar, cut down on carbs, banish the fructose and eat a little healthier, but it's tricky to choose the best natural sugar alternative that isn't stuffed with chemicals and stuff we can't pronounce!

What can I drink on a sugar-free diet? Anything you like, you heard it here first.

Let's explain the smart engineering behind Skinny Mixes and why we wouldn't recommend any other sugar swap.

Why Find An Alternative To Refined Sugar?

Sugar is in almost everything we eat, but we consume way more than we should as a population. 

Whether it's cane sugar in your coffee, refined sugar in your food, or hidden corn syrup in your cereals, the implications can be serious.

Issues like heart disease, liver conditions, and diabetes are linked to excessive sugar, so it can be hugely beneficial to make easy changes without giving up everything you enjoy!

To be clear, a small amount of sugar isn't a disaster, nor is a delicious donut now and then, but if you can manage to skip added sugar where it's not necessary, you'll make an instant healthy living gain.

The Artificial Sweetener Debate

We're not here to get into the scientific research or the ins and outs of different diet choices, but we recognize that many synthetic sweeteners and artificial sugars come with a caveat.

A lot more analysis is needed before we get to grips with it all, but there are plenty of worrying reports about manufactured substances that might be worse for us than sticking with the sugar:

  • Stevia is extracted from glycoside compounds and is 450 times sweeter than sugar - but there is the potential for it to cause a disruption to your digestive functions.
  • Sugar alcohols like erythritol, maltitol, and xylitol don't harm your teeth and have far fewer calories. However, sugar alcohols may cause stomach upsets, sorbitol can act as a laxative, and xylitol is fatal to dogs (not ideal if you have a canine friend!).
  • Monk fruit sweetener is an excellent option, extracted from a native Chinese plant. There's nothing bad about it, except it's usually mixed with lots of other things that aren't so organic in commercial sales.
  • Allulose (or D-allulose) is a naturally occurring fruit sugar and only 0.2 calories a gram. You can suffer from tummy troubles, abdominal pain, and bloating if you eat too much.

Take a look at the back of any diet product or low-calorie food, and you're likely to see one of these artificial sweeteners!

While not necessarily a negative, you need to watch how much you consume to avoid some of the possible side effects - and it's not what we wanted for our incredible Skinny Mixes creations.

Why Is Sucralose The Best Replacement for Sugar?

Onto our shining star ingredient, and let's share the secret behind how we make indescribably sweet Margaritas and rich caramel lattes without any sugar to speak of.

Skinny Mixes use sucralose as our sweetener, and it's unique since it is made from - drum roll, please - real sugar!

The manufacturing process tweaks the chemical structure, so it's calorie-free, without carbs, and a crazy 600 times sweeter.

There are so many benefits, from the lack of that bitter aftertaste you get with fake sugar and the ability to use intense, smooth syrups in everything from cocktails to baking since it's perfectly fine to be cooked and heated.

If you want to tame your sweet tooth and still indulge in the drinks, pastries, and cocktails you adore, Skinny Mixes are for you - and we know they'll transform your approach to a truly sugar-free diet.