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What Can You Drink On A Keto Diet?

The keto diet is a great way to ramp up your protein, slash carbs, and lose weight while improving your health.

Bu, can you drink alcohol on a keto diet? The answer is yes: if you stick with low-carb options and think wisely about your mixers, you'll soon be partying without the payback!

There are many ways to incorporate healthy cocktail mixes to jazz up pure spirits at night, plus sugar free coffee syrups to get you through the workday.


The Best Drinks for Keto

The Skinny Mixes team frequently hears from customers asking: what can I drink on a sugar free diet that tastes amazing but won't pour all my efforts away?

Fortunately, a few simple swaps are fully keto-friendly and easy to do. Let’s start with everyday beverages to keep you on track:

  • Water is crucial and always the fallback when you're in doubt. If you hate plain water, go for an infusion bottle or add a dash of lemon juice to get a bit fruity.
  • Coffee and tea are absolutely fine! We recommend adding a dash of one of our zero carb, zero sugar, zero calorie Skinny Syrups to replicate a silky chai or spicy cinnamon coffee.
  • Diet sodas are ok, but stay mindful of artificial sweeteners, as they can potentially cause migraines and other side effects.

The secret is to get familiar with labels before assuming a drink that claims to be low-carb will stay within your daily keto limits.

For example, energy drinks are often jam-packed with more sugar than soda. Even if they claim they’re low in carbs, they can easily bump you over your limit.

Smoothies are also tricky. Fruit can be carb-heavy, so it isn't a keto staple. But, if you opt for berries and spinach, you can make it work without going overboard.


Nights Out: What Can You Drink on a Keto Diet?

Now let's take a look at alcohol and what to order that's keto-friendly but nor boring.

Moderation is always important, but clear liquors, light beer, and unsweetened wine are fine on keto.

Of course, alcohol doesn't help with weight loss as your body has to burn it before it can get started on anything else. 

But, you can still dance the night away without swerving your keto commitment– provided you're cautious with which cocktails you choose. There are a few classics that are reasonably low carb, like:

  • Whiskey on the rocks, brandy, tequila shots, vodka sodas, and dry martinis all contain no carbs.
  • Bloody Marys and margaritas have around seven or eight grams of carbs per drink, depending on how they're made.
  • A cosmo, White Russian, or gin & tonic will run you 13 to 14 grams of carbs.
  • Sip slowly if you love a rum & coke or vodka orange, as you're getting up to 20+ grams of carbs per glass.


Low Carb Cocktail Mixes

Looking for something a bit more exotic but trying to stick to your diet? Skinny Mixes are all about making healthier choices but without the stress. 

Our Skinny Syrups are perfect for spicing up coffees, whipping up a carb-free frap, or designing custom cocktails that'll blow you away.

Entertaining for the evening? Choose from our huge range of Skinny Mixes for a guilt-free craft cocktail that'll rival the best mixologists.

If you love a Mojito, our cocktail mix has just five calories, one gram of carbs, and no sugar. Or try our beautiful Peach Bellini mix with just one gram of carbs to add to your daily tally.

These keto-friendly cocktail mixes are seriously sumptuous, with low or non-existent carbs. They beat an overpowering shot of straight liquor hands down, while still blending flawlessly with your keto diet goals.

Give it a try, and let us know if you can spot the difference!