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Alcohol With The Least Calories; What To Drink When Watching Your Weight

If you're looking for alcohol to drink when on a diet without busting your daily calorie count, look for clear spirits such as vodka, gin, or tequila!

Alcohol with the least calories, such as vodka, comes in at about one hundred calories for a double measure. So, you can craft beautiful beverages and gorgeous cocktails without ditching the diet plan.

Let's take a look at some of the fabulous cocktail mixer syrups from Skinny Mixes to inspire you to design sugar-free, healthier drinks that mean you don't need to miss an occasion when you're watching your weight. 

The Benefit Of Switching To Low-Calorie Alcohol

So, can you drink alcohol on keto? And why are cocktails such a no-no if you want to look after your calorie consumption?

If you're following keto, you'll know that the emphasis is on reducing carbs. The good news is that you can make some smarter choices and stay on track.

Conventional cocktails contain a shocking number of calories (about 600 for a Pina Colada and a whopping 780 for a Long Island Iced Tea!), so it's essential to be clear about the calories you're drinking, not just eating.

Carb Free Alcohol For Cocktails

Here's a list of the popular alcohol drinks that are entirely carb-free:

  • Whiskey
  • Gin
  • Rum
  • Tequila
  • Vodka

Light beers and some wines are pretty low in carbs but have about three or four grams per serving, so they are best to avoid while on keto.

Low-Calorie Cocktail Ideas

Sticking with our low-carb, lower-calorie alcohols, let's look at some of the best cocktails you can make with Skinny Mixes syrups—recreating your favorite tipple at home while cutting back dramatically on sugar, carbs, and calories.

Skinny Mint Mojito No Sugar Recipe

A tangy Skinny Mojito is just the ticket when you want a cool, refreshing drink after a long day!

Our take on this classic cocktail uses half a cup of Sugar Free Mojito Mix with white rum, club soda, mint, ice, and lime.

Muddle your mint in a glass, and squeeze over the juice from half a lime. Add in your rum, ice, and syrup, top up with soda water, and you have a perfect summer cocktail—without the extra calories! 

Keto-Friendly Vanilla Cocktails

Cutting carbs, but don't want to forget about having fun?

Why not whip up a beautifully smooth Vodka Chata, replacing the rum and using almond milk, Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup, cinnamon, and nutmeg for that trademark taste.

Each cocktail takes a minute to prepare (add everything to a shaker, and you're there!) and contains just two grams of carbs and 190 calories.

Diet Conscious Espresso Martini Mixes

Our final suggestion, if you're new to the beautiful world of sugar-free cocktail syrups, is to sample this incredible Caramel Fudge Waffle Cone Espresso Martini.

Yep, you heard us right—you can create a sublime Martini with about two hundred calories tops (depending on how much vodka you feel like using!).

Chuck one or two spoonfuls of our Sugar Free Caramel Fudge Waffle Cone Syrup into a shaker with your vodka, chilled espresso, and ice, and strain it into your glass for a show-stopping drink.

Smart Cocktails For Low-Calorie Nutrition Plans

The key to these tasty cocktails is that all the heavy sugar, fructose, and carbs are replaced with Skinny Mixes syrup—creating cocktail blends with NONE of the bad stuff!

While you need to be mindful of which alcohol you use, choosing skinny syrup means you can appreciate the ultimate cocktails, absolutely guilt-free.