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What Flavor Syrup You Should Buy, Based On Your Zodiac

What Flavor Syrup You Should Buy, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Look, we know that we have over 80 flavors - and that can be a bit overwhelming. You might find yourself thinking, how do I choose which flavor is best for me when there are so many options?

Don’t sweat sweet stuff! The answer to finding your perfect syrup is written in the stars! We have consulted astrologers to find out what flavor is best for you based on your zodiac sign.

1 Aries: Cherry

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and they are known for their courage, leadership, and adventurous personalities. That’s why the syrup that best represents Aries is Cherry; it's bright, bold, and the red color perfectly represents Aries fiery nature.



2 Taurus - Salted Caramel

Taurus is the type to stick to what they know and enjoy the flavors that are classic, timeless, and indulgent. That is why our Salted Caramel Syrup is our top pick for Taurus. Taurus loves the finer and luxurious things in life, and what is more luxurious than a cup of Salted Caramel coffee?


3 Gemini -Peach Ring

Geminis, represented by the twins, crave mental stimulation. Gemini's two personalities keep them always on the go and in need of a flavor that keeps them talkative and energized. Our Peach Ring + Energy is the best syrup for Geminis because it has added caffeine that allows them to have enough energy to maintain their title as the life of the party.



4 Cancer- Rocky Road


Cancers are sensitive, compassionate, and security seekers. They search for comfort and sentiment in everything that they do. Cancers care so deeply about the people around them, and they enjoy flavors that allow them to reminisce about their favorite memories with their friends and family. That's why Rocky Road is a nostalgic flavor perfect for our Cancer friends.



5Leo- Birthday Cake


Leo’s are radiant, joyful, and love being the center of attention. That is why we chose the syrup flavor Birthday Cake for our Leos. Birthday Cake represents the warm-hearted and attention-grabbing nature of Leos that makes us love who they are.



6Virgo- Citrus Splash

Virgos are hardworking, practical, and health-conscious. Our Citrus Splash Syrup is both practical and delicious. It has added immune-boosting vitamins that will allow Virgos to check the box that says, “improving my health and drinking my vitamins,” on their daily to-do list.


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7Libra-Cinnamon Dolce


Our Syrup pick for Libra is Cinnamon Dolce. The flavors of this syrup are the perfect balance of sweetness and cinnamon, and it reminds us of the beauty, balance, and harmony that Libra's represent. Cinnamon Dolce Syrup is a huge crowd-pleaser that reminds us of the people-pleasing nature of a Libra.


8Scorpio- Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice is an intense flavor, and we know there is nothing Scorpios love more than intensity. Pumpkin Spice syrup is our best pick for Scorpios because, like them, our Pumpkin Spice Syrup has a sweet side with a kick to it that will leave you pleasantly surprised. If you are a Scorpio reading this, then let us warn you now, our Pumpkin Spice Syrups is so good that it might cause you to become a little… obsessed.



9 Sagittarius- Sugar Cookie

The syrup that is the best for Sagittarius comes straight from our Holiday collection. Our Sugar Cookie Syrup reminds us of Sagittarius because, like them, this syrup is festive and fills us with cheer! One taste of our Sugar Cookie Syrup will fill you up with joy and optimism while reminding you why Sagittarius season is deemed, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.


10 Capricorn- Spiced Cranberry

Capricorns are ambitious, earthy, and hard-working. Our syrup pick for Capricorns is our Cranberry Spice Syrup. It's a traditional flavor that we associate with the holidays, and there is nothing a Capricorns loves more than traditions! Cranberry Spice is wintery, classy, and adds the perfect amount of sophistication to any beverage that a Capricorn is consuming!



11 Aquaruis - Unicorn

Aquarius are non-conformist - and that's why we chose a flavor that makes you think, what even is that? Our Unicorn Syrup is original, unique, and difficult to define, just like Aquarius. Unicorn Syrup allows Aquarius to make a drink that is creative, innovative, and one of a kind - just like them!



12 Pisces - Mermaid

The energy of Pisces is flowy, creative, and a tad (okay, a lot) emotional. That is why we are dedicating our Mermaid Syrup to this water sign. Our Mermaid Syrup is sure to capture the imaginative and watery side of any Pisces and allow them to deep dive and fantasize about how they would rather be a mermaid in the sea.