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Shamrock Shot

This shot will have you seeing green! With only two ingredients, this shot is meant for those looking for an easy way to stay festive without spending a lot of gold. Want to add a festive twist? Rim the shot glass with edible glitter and top off your shot with some festive sprinkles. You can make the shot brighter by adding a drop of green food coloring before shaking. We hope this shot brings you lots of treasure and rainbows!


5 min


5 min

  • Servings: 1
  • 117 cal
  • 7.4 g carbs
  • 5.7 g sugar
  • 5.38 g fat
  • In a shaker, add Baileys and Sugar Free Pistachio Syrup. Shake and strain. Enjoy!
  • We all know Shamrocks are a sign of good luck, but did you know that folklore legend considers three leaf clovers lucky, too? Four leaf clovers are considered so lucky because for every four leaf clover there are 10,000 three leaf clovers. Either way, three leaves or four, Shamrocks are added to important events to bring in that special luck. You can even find them added to wedding bouquets! Whether it's summer or spring, at Skinny Mixes we love to add a little extra luck to our day!