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Girl's Night Must-Haves

Girl's Night Must-Haves  

Hey, girlies! Are you hosting a girl's night soon but have no idea what that may entail? There aren't too many moving parts to a successful girl's night, but let us give you our top must-haves to put your mind at ease and take away some of the stress that being a host can bring. The Skinny Mixes team has comprised a list that can guide you to making a night for the gals to remember. ☺️

1 Lots and lots of wine...🍷

Every successful girl's night that the Skinny Mixes team has been a part of incorporated a healthy serving of wine and friendship. These two essentials go hand in hand in creating a fun, memorable environment. A House Red, White Zinfandel, or a Pink Moscato can help set the tone of the evening and encourage friends to connect on deeper levels.

Our recommendation for a girl's night must-have is our one and only Frosé Mix. Named after the classic Frosé cocktail created using Rosé wine, strawberries, and sugar, Frosé Mix is the perfect tool for making a delicious frozen cocktail for all the gals. Making a Frosé cocktail is as easy as blending Frosé Mix, ice, and Rosé wine until smooth. Pour the cocktail into a glass and get ready to spill all the tea and gossip with the girlies.


2Enough snacks to keep the conversations going all night 🍿

A girl's night in isn't complete without something to eat! Once the wine begins to flow, appetites arrive in full force. Girl's night is the time to treat yourself and pamper your tastebuds - but who said that means consuming sugary carb-loaded foods? We've got tons of free recipes to share that include every ounce of flavor you know and love while still enabling you to reach your macro goals. Check out the recipes below for some easy-to-make snacks that will bring your girl's night to the next level of fun.


3 Cold Brew to revive you from the long night of tea 🐸☕️

As the night begins to fade and the light of day returns, you may want to substitute your wine buzz for a coffee buzz. The long conversations of spilled tea and gossip can make you and the gal's exhausted the next day! Don't let your friends go home without a pick-me-up of Skinny Mixes Cold Brew Coffee. We offer our Cold Brew in Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Black, and Keto Salted Caramel. It's as easy as pouring into a glass with your choice of milk and Skinny Syrups.