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Father's Day Favorites

Father's Day Favorites

Whether you're searching for the perfect gift for that dad near and dear to your heart or looking for a treat to buy yourself, we've got the skinny on all things Father's Day. Skinny Mixes interviewed fathers far and wide to find out what Father's Day gifts they consider their favorites. We want all the dads worldwide to feel appreciated, so look at some of the tried and true Father's Day gift ideas.

A tumbler for hot coffee, iced tea, and everything in between.

Get your dad a cup that will stand the test of time. A durable stainless steel tumbler is a go-to for coffee lovers on the go. The double-walled vacuum insulation in tumblers helps keep your hot coffee heated and your cold water icy for up to 12 hours! Tumblers are an environmentally friendly option that lessens the unnecessary waste in our landfills. If you're panicked by all the cup options on the market, we can easily recommend Greens Steel's tumblers, as the 20 oz cup is available in 19 different colors and comes with free metal straws and cleaning tools.

Need another gift to pair with the tumbler? Grab a coffee Flavor Burst to help your dad make sugar-free and delicious coffee on the go in his new tumbler!


A coffee mug sturdy enough to handle any and all dad jokes.

Maybe your dad likes to enjoy his coffee at home rather than on the go. If so, we've got that gift covered too. Buy your dad a coffee mug sturdy enough to handle any dad joke your father delivers. Bones Coffee Company has produced a coffee mug that meets the mark. Handthrown in the USA by Deneen Pottery, the thick handles, and unique design are just what the dads in your life need.

The Give Back Barista Pack by Ben Higgins is the perfect companion for the coffee mug. It comes with coffee to brew at home, six 12.7 fl oz Syrups, two Mini Syrup Pumps, and a Mocha Flavor Burst. The best part? 100% of this pack's profits go to → Humanity and Hope United, which serves remote communities in Honduras. You can read more about their mission out here.


A personalized whiskey glass meant just for dad!

Sometimes it's more thoughtful to get gifts that are a bit more personalized. What's more personal than a customized whiskey glass? There are numerous artists who can create intricate crystal-cut designs, but honestly, dads will appreciate a gift regardless of what whiskey glass design you choose to buy. As a small business, we love to support others. We encourage you to check out Etsy for some unique small businesses and creators to purchase from and support!

In addition to a customized whiskey glass, hand your dad our Toffee Whiskey Sour recipe. Just the right amount of sweetness, bitters, and smooth Whiskey, can help any dad appreciate the power of Skinny Mixes!