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Keto Guide: Clean Keto vs. Dirty Keto

The Skinny Mixes Keto Product Guide!

If you're familiar with the Keto community then you have definitely heard about the battle of Dirty Keto Vs Clean Keto. We're not here to argue either side we're just here to let you know which products of ours fall into which category according to the internet. Check out our Facebook Group there are daily battles & tons of recipes!


To give you a little bit of context here is what our version of Dirty Keto is based on what we have seen from the battles within facebook.

Dirty Keto or Lazy Keto- No strict rules on what you can or can't eat, just keep your carb intake under 50 grams. Any Skinny Mixes' product will fit right into this!

Clean Keto-No processed foods, or artificial sweeteners, all vegetables meats, & dairy should be all organic or sustainably raised. Keep carb intake under 20 grams. There is actually a whole list of foods you can't but we will let you do your own research on that. What we can tell you is our Keto Line is perfect for this diet!

So, we will just cut to the chase and let you know what products are okay for Dirty Keto/Lazy Keto and what products are okay for Clean Keto :)

Dirty/Lazy Keto

If you're new to Skinny Mixes then our Starter Kit is a great place to well...START! It has all of our best selling flavors for every beverage in your routine + a recipe book!

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Our Cocktail mixes will not take you out of ketosis because they're zero sugar & just 2 carbs per serving! They taste delicious on their own, or with a splash of soda water if you like a little fizz! If you plan on mixing yourself up a cocktail the keto diet recommends using unflavored Vodka or Tequila because they have zero carbs! Cheers!

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Just add a dash of any of our fun fruit flavored syrups to any vodka soda to turn up the flavor! These are also great for just plain or sparkling water! Get those 8 glasses in with flavor & ease.

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Our coffee bundle is great for all the coffee lovers out there! You get the option to chose which of our Cold Brews you want, & what 4 Skinny Syrup flavors you want. Plus some other fun goodies! If you're overwhelmed by the Skinny Syrup options, we recomend our best sellers: Salted Caramel, White Chocolate, Hazelnut, & Vanilla.

All of these syrups are zero carbs, zero sugar & zero calories so they will NOT take you out of Ketosis :)

Look for creamer? We got you there too!

Jordan's Creamer Recipe »

Clean Keto

Although none of our products will take you out of ketosis there is some debate on the use of artificial sweeteners vs. natural. At Skinny Mixes, we are people pleasers so we give you our KETO LINE! Sweetened with natural sweeteners, Stevia, Monk Fruit & Erythritol + add MCT oil!

We love all our products but we must add a slight disclaimer, natural sweeteners although delicious are not as sweet as sugar or artificial sweeteners so don't be shocked when it doesn't taste as sweet as sugar-we did our best! Blame the ingredients not us ;)

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DON'T THINK! Just add it to your cart. This bundle is prebuilt so there is no decision making, just the most delicious cup of keto coffee ready for your barista skills! This bundle has everything you need for the perfect cup of keto coffee. Don't believe us, check out the reviews on each product page.

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