Keto Coffee Creamer

Make your own SUGAR FREE Keto Coffee Creamer! Don't miss out on a creamy flavored coffee because you're worried about all the carbs and sugar. Just use heavy cream and add your favorite Skinny Syrup! Batch it up and store in the fridge for a quick coffee in the morning.


5 min


5 min

  • Combine ingredients into a sealable container, stir together and enjoy a little now or store for later!
  • Use about 1 TSP-1TBSP per cup of coffee.
  • Shop Jordan's Skinny Syrups and make a different flavor of keto creamer each week!
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If you enjoy making keto coffee creamer you will love his Low-Carb Skinny Salted Caramel Iced Coffee Recipe, enjoy it black to make it 0 carbs! Are you a fan of a classic bulletproof coffee? Advance your boring bulletproof coffee to our Keto Bulletproof Mocha. We have many keto friendly flavors for you too chose from , all sweetened naturally! Are you new to keto? Have no fear as we are here with your keto coffee guide! This guide will let you know everything you may need to on how to keep in ketosis with Skinny Mixes. Whether your confused on creamers or dont know where to start this is a great way to learn. 

Keto hack! There are a lot of various creamers you can use and maintain keto. A great option is organic coconut milk creamer with zero carbs! All of our syrups are sugar free and this is where many fail! Keep up with your sweet tooth but without the carbs using Skinny Syrups. Add some to a greek yogurt  or top off a snow cone for a hot summer day!