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Italian Soda Flavors

Mocktails are some of the best drinks to try when it comes to non-alcoholic beverages. The choices of what you can make are limitless, but there are also many traditional recipes that you will find on the menu of any bar you visit. Of course, a proper Italian soda–such as an Italian lemonade soda–makes for a perfect mocktail any time of year.

Italian sodas’ incredible recipes are what made them famous in America. They are easily made and can be enjoyed anywhere. The three basic ingredients of Italian sodas are ice, flavored syrup, and soda water. 

Syrups for Italian Soda

If you prefer homemade syrups or Skinny Syrups on the go, you can try a wide variety of Italian soda flavors, like using peach during the summer or maple for a taste of autumn. The process of making an Italian soda simply requires three ingredients:

  • Add ice to a cup
  • Add one ounce of syrup
  • Add sparkling water, club soda, or seltzer

Then, just mix and enjoy!

What Makes Italian Soda Different?

The greatest difference between an Italian soda and common soda is the use of artificial ingredients. While Italian sodas are composed of natural tastes, the majority of regular sodas have many artificial flavors and colors. Italian sodas are also less sweet, which many people prefer. 

How to Make Italian Soda Taste Better

Italian soda is a refreshing drink ideal for people who want a non-alcoholic beverage or who want to drink fewer soft drinks. Although many flavors are available, it is easy to improve the taste of homemade Italian soda by changing up the recipe. By mixing and matching natural flavor ingredients, you can bring about a whole new world of flavor.

Fruit and Herbs

Using fruits and herbs is one of the recommended healthier choices of sprucing up your sparkling water drink–mint, citrus, and strawberries are all popular choices for adding boosted flavor to Italian soda in a healthy way.


For a sweet, citrusy flavor, try adding lemonade to your Italian soda. Lemonade does tend to have higher amounts of added sugar than other beverages, but it’s easy to reduce your sugar intake by mixing the lemonade with soda in a ratio of three to one.


For a tasty, tangier beverage, try adding natural fruit juice to your Italian soda. It’s also a good idea to stick with the three-to-one ratio when it comes to juice and club soda, respectively.

Because Italian sodas naturally do not have alcohol or caffeine, they are the perfect option for children and non-drinkers. When you want to enjoy a refreshing, sweet, and festive drink without all the guilt of regular soft drinks, explore the joy of Italian soda–and don’t forget to try adding your favorite Skinny Mixes syrup for the perfect flavor boost!

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