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Italian Lemonade Soda

Italian lemonade soda is an easy-to-make drink that assists in digestion and comes in several varieties, so you can opt for sweetness or bitterness. If you’re looking for a drink that is perfect for summer cookouts, birthday celebrations, or get-togethers, consider a refreshing Italian lemonade soda.

Ingredients in Italian Lemonade Soda

Lemonade soda is a carbonated soft drink made with lemon juice, ice cubes, sugar, and salt–these ingredients are what gives the drink its fizziness. Other than this, you can use lemon-lime soda to sweeten the drink or add seltzer or sparkling water. 

Simple Syrup

If you’re not using on-the-go syrups, it’s helpful to understand how to make simple syrup at home. Simple syrup is an equal mixture of water and sugar that has been heated until the sugar dissolves, and it’s perfect for sweetening drinks without getting a gritty texture. For added flavor, you can add herbs, fresh fruit, or juices to your simple syrup mixture.

Heavy Cream

If you add heavy cream to an Italian lemonade, it turns into an Italian cream soda. This ingredient is optional, or you can choose other options like coconut cream for a dairy-free variation.

How to Make Italian Lemonade Soda

  • Extract the juice from one lemon.
  • Mix lemon juice, sugar, water, and a touch of salt in a tall glass. 
  • Stir well until the sugar dissolves fully, then add ice cubes and a slice of lemon and top it off with club soda.
  • Always serve lemon soda while it’s fresh. Lemon soda should not be stored—it’s meant to be consumed immediately.

How Do I Make Italian Lemonade Soda Even Better?

There are a lot of possibilities just in Italian soda flavors. In any Italian soda, you can use syrups flavors like strawberry, vanilla, or hazelnut–Skinny Mixes has got you covered with the perfect syrup flavors for this tasty drink.

Standard flavors in Italian lemonade soda, specifically, usually include lemon-lime, vanilla, amaretto, rootbeer, and cherry cola. If you want some special dessert favors, you can try pink lemonade, cotton candy, candy cane, and licorice.

Italian Soda Versus Italian Cream Soda

Italian soda and Italian cream soda are similar in how they are made, but their flavors and consistency are very different. Both are made with carbonated soda, ice, and flavored syrup. The cream brings all the difference–Italian cream soda is made with a standard amount of half-and-half and a bigger topping of heavy cream, transforming regular Italian soda into a fizzy and creamy drink.

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