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Best Enhanced Water

Enhanced waters are drinks that contain a wide range of components–typically vitamins and minerals, and can be considered some of the best flavored water. The most popular enhanced water drink flavors include tropical mango, strawberry lemonade, and raspberry lime, but as demand for more flavors increases, manufacturers are elevating their standards by introducing new flavor mixtures such as watermelon mint, blackberry sage, and blueberry lavender.

Here’s a look at some enhanced water brands looking to boost their flavor repertoire:

Core Organic Water

This fruit-filled, antioxidant-enriched organic water is suitable for anyone who wants to substitute sugary drinks for flavored waters that are healthy. Each organic beverage is five calories per portion and contains an equal amount of antioxidants as a half-cup serving of blackberries. This water is also filled with fruit extract and only has a few calories per serving.

H2rOse Water

This product uses the influence of rose water to produce a sweet and fragrant drink that flavors water naturally. H2rOse water helps improve mood, skin clarity, digestion, and appetite. But at fourteen to sixteen grams per bottle, many may consider it to be too much for one serving.

Karma Wellness Water

Specific vitamins that are pre-blended in water can lose their strength over time, which is why Karma Wellness Water invented a distinct brand that separates vitamins and other ingredients from the water until it is ready to drink–all one has to do is remove the label cover, push the knob, shake, and drink.

It is available in six flavors, all of which provide various benefits. Each bottle contains just twenty calories and between one and five grams of sugar. The Immunity Booster, prepared with açai berry and pomegranate, contains 110% of the daily value of vitamins A, B3, B5, B6, B12, D, and E. There is also a hint of stevia extract, but it is not overpowering.

Penta Water

For those wondering how to flavor water naturally, this water is purified through a unique 13-step process that removes toxins and impurities without adding harmful additives and chemicals. Some people claim this “ultra-hygienic” water has a distinct organic structure that hydrates the body 16.7 times quicker than other brands. 

Suja Probiotic Water

This was the first improved water made entirely with organic and non-GMO fruits, vegetables, and veggie probiotics. At only ten calories and a gram of sugar or fewer per bottle, Suja's Surged Probiotic water tastes like watered-down juice, but drinkers can tell it is more energizing than other flavored waters. Each bottle contains two billion colony-forming pieces of vegetable probiotics known for their intestinal advantages. If the taste of spiced water intrigues you, try the pineapple lemon cayenne flavor. Suja also makes strawberry and raspberry flavors, all of which are highly recommended by loyal consumers.

Verday Chlorophyll Water

Enriched with chlorophyll, a green nutrient found in most vegetation, Verday water is supposed to help drinkers get the cleansing benefits of green juice without the harsh flavor. Every bottle of Verday is filled with one hundred milligrams of chlorophyll, which matches what you would find in two servings of wheat grass, three cups of spinach, or thirteen cups of arugula. It is completely free of GMOs, calories, non-natural inducements, and colors, with a variety of available flavors like cucumber, watermelon, coconut, and lemongrass-ginger. Even though it still has that slight “green” taste, it caters to those who are not into the bold flavor of a typical green juice.

Watermelon Water

This water contains watermelon and organic lemon coupled with a variety of natural flavors. Each bottle is composed of two components–watermelon and organic lemon, extracted naturally from the juice that comes from squeezing the fruit. This technique offers several minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients that a mixer or juicer would kill. Even though there are twelve grams of sugar per bottle, this sugar comes from the naturally occurring fructose in these fruits. 

Final Thoughts

Enhanced waters are considered a boosted version of regular water, as these drinks contain healthy ingredients and are extracted through special filtration systems while also combining natural flavors, nutrients, and sweeteners to offer a distinct experience. Although there are many vitamin- and mineral-related benefits to consuming enhanced water instead of ordinary water, most drinkers appreciate the unique flavors the most.