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Flavored Water That Is Healthy

Most experts consider flavored water and flavored water drops to be healthy alternatives to conventional water. As a result, many people often consume this as a substitute for soft drinks or other sugary brands that usually contain extra calories and offer minimal nutritional value. Flavored water can be energizing and hydrating without causing undesired weight gain. Some brands even claim helpful antioxidants from herbal sources and fruit liquids, and consider themselves to be some of the best enhanced water options. 

Let’s take a look at some of the finest flavored water products in regards to their nutritional value:

Frozen Garden Fusions

Frozen Garden Fusions are a combination of 100% fruit and aromatic plants frozen into small portions–the drinker can pour the fusion into a tumbler of water and mix. Then, after taking four to six minutes to dissolve, each fusion cube makes eleven ounces of flavored water that has only six calories, one gram of carbs, and no sugars or other ingredients–and offers 6% of the daily requirement for vitamin C. Because fusions are prepared from natural fruit, they also provide antioxidants, which fight inflammation and may decrease the risk of chronic diseases.


Spindrift is sparkling water made from real fruit liquids and purees. It is one of the best flavored waters, as its ingredients distinguish it from many other products that use ordinary flavors but do not specify the exact sources. Moreover, its water is void of added sugars, dyes, and unnatural ingredients.

Spindrift is available in various flavors, such as raspberry lime, orange mango, and cucumber. Depending on ingredients, every 11-ounce can contain between two and sixteen calories, zero and four grams of carbs, and up to 10% fruit juice.

JUST Water

JUST water is water sourced from the Adirondack Mountains filled with an organic fruit aroma. The company extracts the aroma by heating fruit, gathering the vapor, and reducing it for consumption in foods and drinks. Each 17-ounce container has no calories, extra sugars, or synthetic sweeteners.

Simple Sparkling Maple Water

Simple sparkling water consists of bubbly maple water and juice essences, made from the perfect, faintly-sweet liquid found in maple plants. This is obtained by tapping a tube into a maple tree, which allows the liquid to stream out. Although this liquid can be cooked into maple syrup, maple water itself is not gummy–in fact, it appears like regular water.

This liquid also contains antioxidants and essential minerals, such as manganese, which plays a role in the breakdown of food, metabolic functions, and immune reactions. Because maple water and juice essences offer some naturally arising sugars, they are not calorie-free. However, they have about 65% fewer calories than an equal serving of soft drinks.

Each 11-ounce contains thirty-nine calories, 4% of the daily value for calcium, ten grams of carbs, 40% of the daily value for manganese, and 1% of the daily value for potassium.

Sound Sparkling Water

Sound Sparkling Water offers sparkling water containing organic teas, aromatic plants, and fruit extract to create exclusive flavor blends for drinkers. It has no calories, sweeteners, or artificial ingredients. The green and black tea types contain forty-five milligrams of caffeine per 11-ounces. Green and black teas offer various health benefits because of their high concentration of plant combination flavonoids–several studies mention green tea as being helpful in mitigating heart disease.

Final Thoughts

Flavored water offers a flavorful, nourishing experience that regular water does not; nutritionists have also helped to confirm the effectiveness of flavored water in maintaining a healthy, hydrated body–especially when added vitamins are included.