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Does Flavored Water Count as Water?

Water plays a key role in our bodies, yet it doesn't get the same attention as other beverages such as slimming and detox teas. Our bodies are made of 60% water, and therefore, it's important to keep hydrated. Water aids in healthy-looking skin, nails, and hair, among other things. Dehydration leads to such symptoms as flaky skin, reduced concentration, fatigue, and constipation.

It's recommended to consume at least eight glasses of water spread throughout the day for adults. However, there are other factors that come into play, such as weight, the environment, and physical activities. For example, when exercising, you should take in at least half a liter of water every thirty minutes. 

What are the Common Symptoms of Dehydration?

Some of the most common, immediate signs of dehydration include:

  • Fatigue
  • Moodiness
  • Headache
  • Abnormal heart rate

Nutritionists recommend keeping track of how much water you consume daily, just like you do with food, to ensure you're not dehydrated. If you're tech-savvy, there are several apps that remind you to take your water regularly throughout the day.

Does Flavored Water Have the Same Benefits as Regular Water?

The short answer is: yes. Most people find it difficult to consume large quantities of water every day because they find it too plain–thankfully, there are many options when it comes to water flavoring. Wondering how to flavor water naturally? Here are a few flavored water options that still count towards the recommended daily eight ounces:

1. Flavored Sparkling Water

If drinking soda is one of your guilty pleasures, there's some good news. You can consider replacing it with flavored sparkling water, which is still fizzy but healthier overall. Consuming a lot of soda dehydrates the body quickly as soda contains high levels of sugar content.

Flavored sparkling water also has little-to-no calories, which is an added advantage if you’re watching your caloric intake.

2. Cinnamon-Infused Water

If you love Cinnamon, why not infuse it with your water? Add the Cinnamon to boiled water and allow it to cool. You can then enjoy your water warm or at room temperature, or you can add some ice cubes or leave it to chill in the fridge to take it later.

Adding a cinnamon stick to water will make it more palatable, and you'll be able to achieve the recommended eight ounces or more with a bit of flavor; an added advantage is that infusing water with cinnamon will make your living space smell nicer.

3. Fruit-Infused Water

If you don’t love sparkling water but still don’t want to drink plain water, you can use some of your favorite fruits to add a hint of flavor to your water. The possibilities are only limited to the fruits that you enjoy–some common favorites include water infused with ginger, passion fruit, lemon, cucumber, and strawberries.

Final Thoughts

Flavored water counts towards the recommended daily eight ounces. If you're tired of drinking plain water, you can opt to flavor your water by adding your favorite fruits, citrus, or even a stick of cinnamon stick. However, it’s important to pay close attention to labels when purchasing flavored water, as many brands contain large amounts of sugar, defeating the purpose of drinking any kind of water in the first place.