How To Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar

How To Sweeten Coffee Without Sugar

There’s nothing like drinking a cup of your favorite coffee in the morning to kick start your day. However, oversweetening your coffee can be detrimental to your health. Regular coffee drinkers may find themselves consuming too much sugar, and look for alternative sweeteners to help them bring their sugar intake down to a healthier level.

So can you find a healthy way to sweeten coffee without using processed sugar? You sure can! We’ll go through some natural sweeteners for coffee and healthy alternatives you can stock up on to use the next time you want to prepare a cup of your favorite coffee.

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Vanilla extract is a reliable and healthy way to sweeten your coffee, just make sure to use the natural, non-synthetic variety.  Pure vanilla extract contains just vanilla, water and alcohol, and can pleasantly sweeten your coffee even without added sugar. 


Like vanilla, mint contains a naturally sweet flavor that works well with coffee. Plus, it adds a unique cool, refreshing kick.  Muddle fresh mint leaves into your coffee for the best taste, though dried leaves and mint extract can work as well.

Vanilla Almond Milk

Opt for unsweetened vanilla almond milk to avoid the added sugar. The smooth vanilla, nutty flavor and creamy texture will still make your cup of coffee delicious.


Cinnamon has an interesting effect. It doesn’t directly increase sweetness, rather it reduces the coffee’s bitterness, mellowing out the drink and tricking your taste buds to make the coffee seem sweeter. If you still want to sweeten it more you’ll find you need less sweetener than you would otherwise, plus cinnamon adds its own unique woody and spicy flavor.

Cocoa Powder

Looking to enjoy your mocha without added sugar?  Try adding unsweetened cocoa powder to your coffee, plus a dash of cream for a grown-up take on a hot chocolate. 


Yes, salt! Strange as it may seem, adding salt to your coffee tends to make it taste sweeter. Like cinnamon, it does this by dampening the coffee’s bitterness.  Don’t overdo it; just add a pinch.


Honey is by far one of the most natural ways of sweetening your coffee. Add some honey to your hot coffee, stir well and enjoy. Honey tastes sweeter than granulated sugar, hence you only need to use very little of it to make your coffee sweet. 

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup isn’t just for pancakes, but a great way to sweeten coffee well. It’s less processed and easier to digest than granulated sugar, and has fewer calories and grams of sugar per serving than honey. Plus, it has its own flavor profile with notes of vanilla, caramel, and raisins. Try it in your coffee and see the difference. 


Molasses is a byproduct of refined white sugar with far fewer calories. Adding molasses to your coffee will give it a rich, earthy taste and unique malty, warm, and smokey flavor, all while helping you lower your calorie intake. 

Final Thoughts

Sweetening your morning coffee cup without too much sugar is a great step towards a healthier lifestyle. We hope we’ve inspired you to go out and find the delicious natural sweetener that works best for you.