The Ultimate Custom Mother’s Day Gift

The Ultimate Custom Mother’s Day Gift

Close your eyes and think back to your childhood memories of Mother’s Day: getting up early, fumbling around in the kitchen, whipping out that special bed tray that only ever comes out for Mother’s Day, and presenting a fresh breakfast to your mother in her bed. This was probably the first time you operated the drip coffee machine in your family kitchen, all so you could deliver your mom the perfect Mother’s Day coffee.

This simple and sweet gesture shows appreciation for everything Mom does for you. You’re probably laughing at the haphazardous breakfast you pulled together when you were young and appreciated how it (hopefully) improved over the years.

These memories are precious, even more so when all the children have left the nest. A Mother’s Day Gift Basket is the perfect way to take your mom back to those endearing moments of breakfast in bed with the whole family. So whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day long-distance from your family or plan to surprise your mom bright and early in her bed, we have the perfect gifts for her.

Build the Perfect Breakfast-in-Bed Gift Basket

Nothing is more quintessentially Mother’s Day than the breakfast-in-bed experience. The items in this customized gift basket will surely dazzle your mom, whether it’s being delivered to her door or in bed by none other than you. Here’s what to include to pamper and appreciate your mom truly:

The Coffee

Your mom has likely seen hundreds of videos on Facebook and Instagram about influencers saving money and making their gourmet coffees at home. So let your mom enjoy an upgrade to her morning coffee without the fear of disrupting her latest diet.

Skinny Mixes offers gift packages of high-quality, sugar-free flavored syrups. If your mom is addicted to Starbucks, our Classic Syrup Trio is perfect for her. This package comes with three bottles and flavors: salted caramel, mocha, and vanilla. These Kosher, gluten-free, and keto-friendly syrups are a staple for every coffee lover.

Does your mom prefer coffee drinks only offered seasonally at her favorite coffee shop? Great news–she doesn’t have to wait for the holidays to enjoy a caramel pecan latte! Our Caramel Collection Trio package has all of the benefits of our Classic Syrup Trio but with two different flavors accompanying salted caramel: caramel pecan and vanilla caramel creme. 

The Mimosa

Did you have the “fun mom” growing up? This is the perfect time to celebrate the mom that loves to celebrate. Ignite a new world of flavor with our Flavor Infusions Trio of syrups, perfect for baking, parfaits, and cocktails.

Take your mimosa to the next level with our blueberry lavender syrup or strawberry rose. Our lemon elderflower syrup is a perfect match. All of our syrups are gluten-free, kosher, and keto-friendly.

The Breakfast

If you’re looking for items that travel well, we recommend including pastries and artisanal jams. Filling your basket with preserves will allow your mother to enjoy her gift all week. Make sure to find the best high-quality jams and preserves that your mom can spread on toast or accompany a cheese board later in the day (maybe she’ll use a lemon elderflower cocktail to enjoy it!)

The Mug

All that’s left is the accessory every mom needs: a custom coffee mug. Darling mugs are easy to find–just try your local Ross, where you can also find bottles of Skinny Mixes!

Gifts Your Mom Will Love

Shopping for our parents can leave us scratching our heads. A breakfast gift basket is the perfect Mother’s Day gift that your mom will enjoy the day of and appreciate for a long time!