How to Make Margaritas in a Blender

How to Make Margaritas in a Blender

When looking for a sweet and tart refreshing cocktail, the first thing that comes to mind is a margarita. But there is nothing worse than sipping on a melted and diluted margarita on the rocks–this is where the frozen or blended margarita emerged as a saving grace. A frozen margarita is a consistently blended and smooth cocktail, making sure every sip you take is as cold as possible. At Skinnymixes, you can find the best mixes for margaritas that will help you make delicious margaritas, packed with flavor, in just a few simple steps. So, let’s look at how these dreamy frozen margaritas are made, and how to make a blended margarita at home

What Is a Frozen Margarita? 

A frozen margarita is a citrusy, slushy, frozen cocktail made by blending all the ingredients of a classic margarita at high speed with ice. 

How Did the Frozen Margarita Come About? 

When looking at the history of margaritas, the information should be taken with a grain of salt, as there are multiple theories about their origin and evolution. In 1971, Mariano Martinez pulled the lever on a repurposed soft serving ice cream dispenser and pulled out the first glass of frozen margarita. Since then, frozen margaritas have been one of the most popular cocktails at any bar or Mexican restaurant. 

Why Drink a Frozen Margarita? 

You may be wondering, what makes a frozen margarita better than a margarita served on the rocks? Here are some reasons why frozen blended margaritas are worth drinking:

Perfect for Summer

A margarita on the rock has its share of ice, but it is not as evenly distributed as that of a frozen mixed margarita. Your blender shaves the ice while mixing it into the rest of the drink, making sure every sip you take is as delicious and cold as possible. 

Easier to Make 

Instead of shaking all your ingredients for minutes, exhausting yourself while you host a party, you can simply blend all the ingredients in a blender with ice to make a frozen margarita.

More Texture 

When you blend your margarita, the blender creates tiny beads of ice that not only give you a nice cold drink but also adds a texture that many drinks lack. 

How to Make a Margarita in a Blender

If you think you will need to go to a bar or restaurant to enjoy a frozen margarita, you’re wrong–you can make this delicious cocktail at home using your kitchen blender. It is not only super easy, but also a blast to make a frozen margarita in a blender. Here are the steps to make one using a kitchen blender: 

  • Take one part tequila, two parts skinny margarita mix, and one part ice.
  • Place all ingredients into your blender and blend on high until smooth. If you want a thicker consistency, add more ice. 
  • Serve the frozen margarita in a salt-rimmed glass with a fresh lime wedge. 

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Final Takeaway 

Frothy, blended margaritas have a distinct appeal on a warm patio in the middle of summer, as they’re icy cold with a strong flavor that melts into a refreshingly mellow drink. At Skinnymixes, it is our mission to help you create this experience at home with all the ease and hospitality that restaurant versions offer–and all with absolutely no sugar to interfere with your diet plan.