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How to Make a Blended Margarita at Home

Do you want to shine as the best home entertainer at your next barbecue? One of the easiest ways to do so is by serving a frosty, slushy, citrusy glass of chilled margarita. Our margarita cocktail mix will leave your guests astonished, wondering where you got those bartending skills. Margaritas can be served either on the rocks or frozen, and you can choose the style you want to serve based on the occasion. Read on to find out how to make margaritas in a blender or on the rocks, right at home. 

What Is a Blended Margarita? 

A blended margarita, also known as a frozen margarita, is a slushy, frozen cocktail made by blending all the ingredients of a classic margarita in a blender with ice.  

Why Blend a Margarita?

Drinking a margarita poured over ice–on the rocks–is a completely different experience, and sometimes is not as refreshing as sipping one frozen, especially in hot weather. If you have ever wondered what makes frozen margaritas better, here are a few reasons why you should consider blending them:

More Texture 

Frozen margaritas are cocktails of icy goodness–when you blend your margarita, the blender creates tiny beads of ice that give you a nice cool drink but will also add a bit of texture that many drinks lack. 

Perfect for Summer

A margarita on the rocks has its share of ice, but that chill is not as evenly distributed as that of a frozen margarita. Your blender shaves the ice while mixing it into the rest of the drink, making sure every sip you take is as cold as possible. 

Ice Is a Key Ingredient 

If you’ve had a frozen margarita, you might feel like something is missing if you drink a margarita on the rocks. Having blended ice in a margarita is just as important as the tequila or lime juice for many margarita-goers, as it meshes harmoniously with the rest of the drink. 

Fun to Garnish 

If you like to garnish your drinks with fruit wedges or tiny umbrellas, frozen margaritas are perfect for you. Because it is a thicker cocktail, you can drop in some lime wedges or pineapple chunks to make beautiful party cocktails. 

Easy to Make 

Instead of shaking all your ingredients for minutes, exhausting yourself while hosting a party, you can simply let the blender do all the work to give you perfect, smooth margaritas each time.

How to Make a Blended Margarita 

Now that we know how amazing frozen margaritas are, let us look at how we can make them at home in just a few simple steps. According to the IBA, the standard proportions for a margarita are 10:4:3, of tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice, respectively. Too complicated? We've got your back. Our skinny margarita mixes will help you make delicious margaritas without all the hassle. Just follow the steps below to make them at home: 

  •  Add one part tequila, two parts skinny margarita mix, and three parts ice. 
  • Put all the ingredients in your high-speed blender and blend on high until smooth. If you want thicker consistency, add more ice. 
  • Serve the frozen margarita in a salt-rimmed glass with a fresh lime wedge. 

Final Thoughts 

A blended or frozen Margarita is a slushy, citrusy cocktail of icy goodness with a boozy kick. It is a perfect addition to your barbecue or dinner on a summer evening. At Skinnymixes, our margarita mix helps you make these yummy cocktails in absolutely no time and with no hassle. Simply add the mix, tequila, and ice into the blender and blend away. Our mix not only tastes great, but also gives you a drink with no sugar, so you can enjoy your drink without the fear of ditching your diet or the dreaded sugar hangover the next day.