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Keto-Friendly Gifts

Are you looking for keto-friendly gifts for your favorite friend who's passionate about their nutrition plan?

The standard chocolates and wine are out, so it's time to get creative! 

Here's our list of the ten best gifts for loved ones following a keto diet—extra points for perfect wrapping!

1. Zero Carb Sugar Syrup

Keto skinny syrup is a staple in any low-carb cupboard and is a simple, delicious way to make creamy coffees, decadent desserts, and crafty cocktails!

Is maple syrup keto? Unfortunately not. Any mixed drinks or lavish party mixes won't work on keto, so skinny syrup is an excellent alternative for celebrating a birthday or special occasion.

Unsure which flavors your recipient would like most?

Try a Skinny Mixes Keto Starter Kit with four syrups in Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Cinnamon Dolce, and Hazelnut, plus keto coffee and a set of four handy pumps that make crafting a beverage easy - even a keto-friendly cocktail!

2. A Keto Tracking Journal

Keeping up to speed with each meal, snack, or drink can make keto a bit of a chore. A cute journal will help your friend make quick notes and calculate their totals.

You can choose purse-sized compact journals for busy people on the go. Or maybe a more extensive magnetic chart to pop on the fridge at home or work is a better option.

3. Keto Cookbooks

Keto is a learning experience, and while it might seem a joy to feast on bacon and eggs every day, most people find they quickly get bored with the same old foods.

There are thousands of keto recipe books and cooking guides to choose from, so have a look in your local bookstore or browse the most popular titles online!

Here’s a helpful hint: a keto cookbook with an included grocery list means your favorite keto dieter can bring it along when they're shopping for the ingredients for each recipe.

Are you looking for something a bit more exciting? Try a coffee and cocktails keto cookbook and gift it along with the keto syrups set we talked about earlier!

4. A Compact Ketone Meter

Most people who follow keto try to track their carbohydrate and fat intake, but a ketone meter is a next-level gift for those who are really into it.

These devices check whether you are in ketosis (making it less of a guessing game!), so it's effortless to identify if any keto diet tweaks are needed to get into that target metabolic process.

All you do is blow on a mouthpiece. It's far better than finger-prick blood tests!

5. Premium Cast Iron Cookware

Keto meals center on veggies and meats, so a grill pan is a great present that makes it easier to fry, bake, broil, sear, or sauté heavenly keto meals.

It's a bit like barbecue but without the mess, and a quality grill pan means that the cook can char peppers and serve up steaks, even if they're not a pro chef.

6. Keto Fridge Cheat Sheets

Flip magnet cheat sheets are essential in a keto kitchen and help family members, visitors, and friends decide what to cook when hosting their keto friend! And it is a definite must for the keto dieter themselves. 

Many keto successes are down to detailed meal planning. Hence, a fridge nutrition guide is beneficial to look up foods by category and make quick decisions about what to add to the grocery list.

7. A Set of Performance Food Scales

Ever weighed and counted everything you put into every meal? 

It's all too easy to make mistakes or guess incorrectly, so food scales can make keto living that much more straightforward.

Battery-operated scales tend to be the best since you can move them around the kitchen to check exactly how much each item weighs for accurate keto tracking.

8. Avocado Savers

Anybody on keto probably eats their fair share of avocados. 

Still, along with timing it precisely right before cutting into it to get that perfect texture, it's not often we'd eat a whole avocado in one sitting!

Nobody likes food waste or spending more than they need to, so an avocado saver is a neat little gadget that has a place in the food drawer.

They're way better than regular storage pots, as a silicone saver comes with a pit pocket that hugs the seed and preserves the fruit for longer.

9. A Ninja Blender

This cult classic is an excellent accessory for keto and can whip up a smoothie, iced coffee, soup blend, or salsa at the touch of a button.

If you're feeling generous, we know that anybody following a keto diet would love to have one of these powerful blenders in their cookery arsenal!

10. A Special Day Together

Finally, if you want to surprise your keto friend, why not plan a day together? Go skating in the park, watch a movie, or cook a lavish meal to enjoy—that's keto-friendly, of course!

Time is one of those assets we never seem to have enough of, so the best gift you can give is the thought and effort you've put into finding the perfect present that's ideal for the keto follower in your life.