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Drinks For A Ketogenic Diet

When you first start a new diet, it can be confusing to work out what you can and can't have. But don’t worry, there are loads of drinks for ketogenic dieters that are completely fine to enjoy while searching for a healthier you! 

Skinny Mixes keto syrup is your secret weapon to combat sugar cravings and replace all that sticky-sweet goodness with natural ingredients that taste incredible.

Here we'll explain some of the best drinks for keto and how to make them.

What Drinks Are Allowed On Keto?

How many carbs can you have on keto? It's about fifty grams a day max, which is:

  • Two and a half cappuccinos.
  • Four regular beers.
  • Just over one Pina Colada.
  • Four glasses of full-fat milk.

Love a smoothie in the morning? Sure you do, but it can have up to sixty grams of carbs using fruit and two percent milk. You'll be over your carb limit in one sixteen-ounce serving!

So, here’s the problem. You need to stay hydrated and healthy, without giving up everything that's fun in life, but most popular drinks aren't precisely keto-friendly.

Never fear; we've got lots of recipes and ideas that'll keep you right on track!

Keto-Friendly Coffees And Teas

Now, hot drinks are by and large pretty acceptable for keto, but there's a big caveat. You can't use any sugar. 

That’s not great news for those of us who like to take the edge off our espresso. How can we adapt without sweetness?

Our advice is to go for regular teas and coffees, but make some easy swaps:

  • Half-and-half is preferable to regular milk, with fewer carbs and calories.
  • Heavy whipping cream works well with plant-based creamers rather than sugar or honey.
  • Skinny Mixes keto syrups are the go-to if you want to replicate your favorite brew as a sugar-free flavoring with minimal carbs.

Best-sellers include our Keto Peanut Butter Cup Syrup and Keto Salted Caramel Syrup, both with a dash of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT)!

These keto coffee syrups have no sugar or carbohydrates to count, and you get a massive twenty-five servings in a bottle. So feel free to indulge in as much keto coffee as you like without the guilt. 

Everyday Drinks For The Keto Diet

Millions of people don't get on well with plain water; it's very healthy, but not a drink that inspires you to keep sipping!

If you're struggling to stay hydrated during the day and want to add a spark to your intake while staying on plan, why not try:

    • Flavored waters with a tiny amount of natural fruit juice (expect about one to five grams of net carbs per serving).
  • Plant-based milk like almond, coconut, macadamia nut, or flaxseed milk. Psst, add a dash of our Keto Vanilla Bean Syrup to make it tastier!
    • Low-carb vegetable juices. It's best to make juices at home since store-bought veg juice tends to have at least ten grams of carbs per drink. You can blend celery, cucumber, and leafy greens.
    • Green tea and herbal tea are okay, too, and you can pop them in the fridge to have iced tea during your lunch break.

    Another tip is to make sure you check the label if you buy herbal teas pre-made. Many brands sneak in a few candied bits of fruit, which bump up your carb count.

    Choosing Keto Cocktails And Alcoholic Drinks

    Onto the weekend (at last!). Let's look at alcoholic drinks that won't ruin all your keto efforts in one night out.

    Of course, alcohol isn't a great source of nutrition, and if you're on keto to lose weight, it's wise to limit your intake.

    But you can remain in ketosis without missing every occasion that comes your way. It's all about picking drinks without lots of calories and fat on the side.

    Beer usually is carb-heavy, but you can go for a low-carb beer (about two to three grams of carbs per bottle). 

    The best option is to select hard liquor—naturally, carb-free alcoholic spirits include whisky, vodka, tequila, and rum.

    Mixers For Keto Drinks And Cocktails

    The liquor itself doesn't have a massive impact on ketosis, but it's the mixers you choose that are the biggest no-no!

    Mixed drinks are typically full of fruit juice or soda, so you get stacks of added sugar and carbs. 

    Diet sodas are a bit better, and you can come up with some stunning blends with our keto Cocktail Mixes and Cocktail Syrups!

    Check out the Skinny Blood Orange Margarita Mix for a deliciously tangy cocktail made with tequila and ice—all at five calories, no sugar, and just two grams of carbs.

    Are you trying to save your carb allowance for dinner?

    Our Citrus Splash + Immunity Syrup overflows with beneficial vitamins, and you can add a couple of tablespoons to any beverage for a burst of citrus flavor.

    We have tons of other recipe ideas for low-carb keto-friendly cocktails online, so get your cocktail mixers at the ready!