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What Is the Difference Between Sauce and Syrup?

There are many options when it comes to how you take your favorite beverage, including coffee. While some people prefer a natural taste, others like adding a little flavor to their drinks, and sauces and syrup are some of the best ways to flavor your beverage. This article will delve into the question of the difference between sauce and syrup.

Whether you’re interested in pumpkin spice syrup or any of the many other flavors available, knowing when to use syrup or sauce is important.


Sauces tend to be thicker and can be used in various brewed and instant beverages. In addition to being used in beverages, sauces are used in making food like pancakes, waffles, and cakes.

There are two main sauce options—sweet and savory. Sauce is preferred over syrup when it comes to flavoring hot drinks because it's thicker, and some baristas prefer to use sauce to enhance the aesthetic of drinks, sometimes coating the inside of the glass when serving.


Syrup is another ingredient used to flavor drinks. It can be used to flavor both hot and cold beverages because it’s more diluted. Beverage syrups can be purchased online–such as right here at Skinny Mixes–or in your favorite coffee shop. Of course, making syrup at home using sugar and water is also incredibly simple.

Differences Between Sauce and Syrup

Coffee and syrup are both used to flavor beverages, but that’s as far as the similarities go. One of the clearest distinctions between the two is consistency—sauces tend to be thicker while syrups are more fluid.

Another distinguishing difference is dissolving temperature. Sauces require a higher temperature to dissolve, while syrups can dissolve at any temperature.

How to Choose Syrups

If you’re learning how to make a Shirley Temple variation, you need to know how to pick a good syrup. Syrups are versatile in that apart from being used in cold and hot beverages, they can also be used in cocktails. It’s crucial to research before purchasing a particular brand or type of syrup, as some tend to be acidic.

How to Choose Sauces

Beverage sauces tend to be thicker and are usually added using a pump to ensure you have the right quantity. Of course, sauces help in changing the depth of flavor and taste in beverages, so be sure to choose one just thick enough to enhance your beverage while not being overpowering to the drink flavor.


Sauces and syrups are some of the best ways to add flavor depth and even visual appeal to your beverage or cocktail. Sauces tend to work best for hot beverages, and syrups are more versatile. In addition to being used in cold and hot beverages, syrups can also be used in cocktails, and we have plenty to choose from at Skinny Mixes!

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