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Recipes For Caramel Sauce

Salted caramel sauce provides several recipes which are so easy yet so delicious that you'll come back to them time and time again. The easiest recipe is simple, delicious, and dangerous because you’ll keep heading to the jar for “just one more bite!” Once you’ve made it at home, you’ll know that the list of what salted caramel sauce goes with is almost endless.

A small amount of classic or sugar-free caramel sauce improves any treat, and if you can restrain yourself from eating every drop, it makes a fantastic gift. 


  1. 1 cup of granulated sugar
  2. ½ cup of single cream
  3. ½ cup of unsalted butter
  4. ½ teaspoon of sea salt


First, let’s talk through what you’ll be doing. You’ll start by melting sugar in a heavy-bottomed pan until it's totally dissolved and obtains a light golden color. Moving quickly from here on out is critical, so make sure to have all your ingredients organized. When you add the butter to the caramelized sugar, you'll see it bubbling very quickly while the butter melts. The differing temperatures and consistencies are attempting to balance each other out, and when the mixture sizzles and spatters, you’ll gradually add the cream.

Here, you must be even more cautious because for a couple of seconds, the combination will sizzle and cough like an angry monster. Then, once it’s all blended together smoothly, you’ll have the perfect salted caramel sauce.


  1. Prepare all the ingredients. When working with molten sugar, exercise extreme caution.
  2. Put the sugar in a saucepan on medium heat. 
  3. Once all of the sugar has melted to an even brown color, work quickly before the sugar burns.
  4. Immediately add the butter—straight from the refrigerator or freezer is fine—and cook for a couple of minutes, stirring until the butter has melted.
  5. Drizzle in the cream. Be careful because the mixture will continue to bubble and spray until the temperatures stabilize.
  6. Add the sea salt and allow the mixture to simmer for a minute. 
  7. Remove the sauce from the heat and allow it to cool before eating or transferring to a jar.

Another Method

This recipe uses the same ingredients listed above, but offers a different approach to the process::

  1. In a three-quart heavy-bottomed saucepan, combine the sugar and water; swirl to combine in a flat, even layer.
  2. Cook using medium heat as you wait for the sugar to dissolve completely. At first, it will be foggy, then it will clarify into a clear, bubbling liquid. This takes around three to four minutes.
  3. At this stage, do not stir again; merely allow the mixture to boil, swirling the saucepan occasionally and brushing down the sides as needed to prevent crystallization.
  4. The sugar will clump, but keep swirling and frying until the mixture thickens and turns a rich amber color like honey. This can take anywhere from eight to twelve minutes.
  5. Add the butter and stir until it is completely melted.
  6. Remove the sugar mixture from the heat and gently pour the sauce into the cream, whisking constantly until completely integrated.
  7. Whisk in the salt and vanilla extract.
  8. Leave the sauce to cool for up to ten minutes. As it cools, it will thicken.

In Conclusion

This simple recipe will provide you with the best salted caramel sauce, and all you need are four simple ingredients–just make sure you pay attention, and you’ll have a new delicious treat whenever you want. Of course, if you’d rather not go through the hassle of making your own caramel sauce at home–we’ve got you. Try Skinny Mixes’ sugar-free caramel syrup options today for the best ready-to-use, guilt-free caramel sauce!

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