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Natural Syrups for SodaStreams

You’ve made a brave choice to move away from sugary sodas and instead invest in sparkling water. We’re not being sarcastic–most Americans were raised with various colas and fizzy, artificial drinks readily at their fingertips. It is tough to move away from addictive chemicals found in many of these drinks, according to multiple studies published on PubMed Central, but you made the choice to prioritize your health–and ultimately, your happiness–by making these changes.

However, you naturally crave something bubbly and delicious. We don’t judge! Adding natural syrups to your SodaStream and other carbonating devices is a great way to satisfy those cravings. 

Drinking naturally flavored and sweetened carbonated water has many health benefits. For example, it is a myth that carbonation eats away at tooth enamel; in fact, multiple studies prove that sugar is what eats away at enamel and impacts your oral health. Switching to a carbonated beverage sweetened with natural sugar alternatives can improve your dental health. Not to mention, they have significantly fewer calories than the leading soda brands. When you make your own sparkling water at home, you know exactly what you are putting into your body, so you do not need to worry about harmful chemicals.

Just because something is deemed as a “healthy alternative” does not mean it needs to taste flavorless. Many brands, including Skinny Mixes, have a wide variety of naturally sweetened, sugarless syrups to add to your carbonated water. Here’s how you can maximize the health benefits while enjoying delicious flavors of the healthiest natural sweeteners:

Get the Most Out of Your SodaStream Flavors

Boost Your Immunity While Cutting Calories

Some natural syrups add more than flavor and low-calorie, sugar-free sweetness. Skinny Mixes offers a naturally-sweetened keto sweetener called ‘Citrus Splash + Immunity Syrup.’ If you love a little sour with your sweetness, this is the syrup for you.

This syrup is enhanced with Vitamin C, Zinc, and B Vitamins–these vitamins provide a boost to your immune system to keep you energized and healthy. We love that it is sweetened with monk fruit, which also may provide health benefits such as containing anti-inflammatory properties. Other dietary restrictions? No problem. This flavor is keto, gluten-free, and completely Kosher so everyone can enjoy it. Simply add about two tablespoons to your carbonated water to enjoy!

Cut the Alcohol, Not the Flavor

If alcohol is also off the table for you, Skinny Mixes has the mocktail. Often, people opt for soda when they are the designated driver or are sober as a lifestyle. If you’re trying to find healthier alternatives at your next cocktail party, adding a splash of Skinny MIxes’ margarita mix to sparkling water can give you that fizz and that flavor. Add a wedge of lime or rind of citrus to garnish, and you have a mocktail that everyone else will be envious of.

Want more variety? Skinny Mixes offers a Naturally Sweet Bar Cart Bundle with margarita mix variations of peach, strawberry kiwi, and even a spicy margarita option. We recommend the fruit-flavored ones for your sparkling water, as the flavors truly pop with the bubbles in your drink.


Closing Thoughts

Switching from sugary sodas to naturally flavored sparkling water has multiple health benefits. Depending on the natural sweeteners you select, there can be even more positive health effects than simply switching to diet or zero-calorie soda. 

You can find these sweeteners in syrups and mixes from Skinny Mixes to add the perfect taste to your sparkling water, or even just to get some outside-the-box flavors. With just two tablespoons, you will have a refreshing low-calorie drink you won’t find from most major sparkling water brands–each sip will feel like a reward for making healthier choices.

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