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Jordan's Birthday Bash!

November 30th should definitely be an official holiday. Let's call it… National Jordan Day!

AKA Jordan's Birthday! 😉


Through the busyness of the holidays and Black Friday Weekend, the Skinny team somehow managed to pull off the biggest surprise birthday party for Jordan, the founder and president of Skinny Mixes.


To say Jordan was surprised was an understatement. What was the surprise, you ask? It was a night out on a yacht in Tampa Bay! 😊 We were ecstatic about this surprise. The yacht was the center of attention as people passed by on the board walk. With the DJ blasting music, oversized pink balloons and the Skinny Mixes branding, there was no way anyone could miss this party. We knew it was a milestone birthday for Jordan, so we had to go all out.


The team spent weeks leading up to the party making final arrangements and doing everything possible to hide it from Jordan. We had to pretend like we didn't even remember her birthday was coming up!


Jordan's husband and Skinny Mixes team member Gary had a very big involvement in the surprise. Gary came up with the yacht idea while Jordan's husband arranged the surprise for Jordan. He was taking her out to a "special birthday dinner"... Little did Jordan know what her night would become! As Jordan was being driven to Tampa Bay, all of her closest friends and family were already gathering on the yacht to give her the biggest surprise of her life!


Around 6:00pm, Jordan walked down the stairs at Jackson's Bistro and spotted the Skinny Mixes yacht. Everyone yelled "Happy Birthday" in unison to grab her attention. In shock, and smiling cheek to cheek, Jordan hopped on the yacht for cocktail hour. This was the biggest surprise ever, and there were more fun surprises to come throughout the night!


We ate a celebration dinner near the dock at Jackson's Bistro. The menu included a make-your-own sushi bar, grouper tacos, prime rib, and more. If you were to ask Gary, the grouper was AMAZING and you have to try it. After dinner, the group headed back to the yacht for the rest of the evening. We sailed around the bay blasting songs from the 90s while we danced our hearts out and snacked on cookie sandwiches.

The three story yacht had a photo booth, DJ, two bars, a living room, kitchen, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and did I mention panoramic views of the bay? Duh! It was the perfect time of year to be sailing around the bay. Many boats and buildings in the area had Christmas lights strung which made for beautiful scenery. The weather was perfect (thanks, FL!) and the whole team survived through the night. We learned that Alex and Shannon are the best dancers on the team! 😉 💃 One of the most special parts about this surprise party was the gift the team got for Jordan. Our Marketing Director, Alex, hand painted a picture of the entire Skinny Mixes team. This is being hung up in the office today! As the party departed from the yacht, Jordan and her husband stayed and enjoyed the yacht to themselves until the next morning. What an amazing birthday surprise!


The Skinny Mixes team definitely knows how to put on a party, and Jordan's birthday is our absolute FAVORITE reason to celebrate. We love you, Jordan! Can't wait until next years birthday bash! 💕



The Skinny Mixes Team