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Is Natural Syrup Healthy?

It's probably not surprising to hear that natural syrup is not only healthier than refined sugar, but it also has some other benefits. Natural syrups are made with only the highest quality ingredients and are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, sweeteners, and colors.

What Is Natural Syrup?

Natural syrups, like those from Skinny Mixes, are made from the sap of certain trees and plants. In addition to tasting delicious, they are also a source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are beneficial to the body–this is why many people wonder if honey is a better alternative to natural syrups.

Different types of naturally sweet syrups are available on the market, including agave nectar, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, coconut palm sugar, date honey, molasses, and others. Each has its own unique flavor and nutritional profile.

Benefits of Natural Syrups

Using natural syrups instead of refined sugar or artificial sweeteners has several benefits. For one thing, natural syrups are a source of antioxidants, which can help protect your cells from damage. Natural syrups also have a lower glycemic index than refined sugar. They don't cause blood sugar levels to spike, keep you fuller for longer, and lower your insulin response over time.

Moreover, natural syrups have a unique flavor that can enhance the taste of food and drinks. For example, agave nectar is an excellent sweetener for coffee, tea, smoothies, and other foods. Maple syrup is often used in baking recipes for it has a sweet, buttery flavor that also goes well with pancakes, waffles, and oatmeal.

Last but not least, natural syrups help boost energy levels and improve brain function. This is because they contain vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help to protect the body against free radicals and harmful toxins—and support optimal brain function and energy levels.

Recipes That Use Natural Syrup

Now that you know the benefits of using natural syrups over other sweeteners, it’s time to start cooking! Natural syrups are easy to use when preparing delicious dishes.

Maple Syrup Oatmeal

This recipe uses maple syrup to sweeten oatmeal. It is a quick and easy breakfast option that is best for those mornings when you don't have much time to cook.



Banana Pancakes with Date Honey Syrup

These pancakes are made with wheat flour, bananas, and date honey syrup. They are a healthy and delicious breakfast option.

Molasses Cookies

These cookies have whole wheat flour, molasses syrup, and spices. You can eat them as desserts or comfort food after a long day. 

Coconut Palm Sugar Syrup Ice Cream

This recipe uses coconut palm sugar syrup to sweeten homemade ice cream. It is a refreshing and guilt-free treat.



Brown Rice Syrup Glazed Chicken

The dish uses brown rice syrup to create a sweet and savory glaze for chicken. It serves as a healthy and flavorful meal option.

In addition to these dishes, you can use Skinny Mixes’ naturally sweet syrups in coffee, tea, and flavorful cocktails. We also offer a naturally sweet bar cart bundle that you can use to create your margarita mixes–you can enjoy your naturally sweetened margarita mixes with less guilt.

In Summary,

Natural syrups are a healthier alternative to refined sugar and contain some added benefits. They are an excellent option to improve your health, regulate blood sugar levels, and enjoy as an alternative sweetener in your favorite recipes.

You can also experiment with using natural syrups in new and creative ways. By using Skinny Mixes’ natural syrup options, you can indulge in your favorite food and drinks, knowing that the sweetness added is nothing to feel guilty about!