Blueberry Cobbler Frappuccino

Get ready to cool down with a refreshing and indulgent treat: Blueberry Cobbler Frappuccino, featuring the irresistible flavor of Jordan's Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Blueberry Cobbler Syrup. This delightful concoction combines the fruity goodness of blueberries with the creamy texture of a Frappuccino, creating a beverage that's as satisfying as it is delicious.


5 min


5 min


10 min

  • 2 tablespoons Jordan's Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Blueberry Cobbler Syrup
  • 1 cup brewed coffee, cooled
  • 1/2 cup milk of your choice (dairy or plant-based)
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • Whipped cream for topping (optional)
  • Fresh blueberries for garnish (optional)
  • Brew your favorite coffee and allow it to cool to room temperature or chill it in the refrigerator until cold.
  • In a blender, combine the cooled coffee, milk, Jordan's Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Blueberry Cobbler Syrup, and ice cubes.
  • Blend on high speed until the mixture is smooth and creamy, and the ice is fully crushed.
  • Taste the Frappuccino and adjust the sweetness by adding more syrup if desired.
  • Once blended to perfection, pour the Blueberry Cobbler Frappuccino into a tall glass.
  • If desired, top the Frappuccino with a generous dollop of whipped cream for added indulgence.
  • Garnish with a few fresh blueberries on top for a pop of color and extra fruity flavor.
More Details Now, take a moment to indulge in the delightful flavors and creamy texture of your Blueberry Cobbler Frappuccino. With each sip, you'll experience the perfect balance of rich coffee, sweet blueberries, and creamy goodness, making this beverage a true delight for the senses.

But let's dive deeper into the magic of this recipe. Jordan's Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Blueberry Cobbler Syrup infuses the Frappuccino with the irresistible flavor of blueberry cobbler, adding a touch of sweetness and fruity goodness without any added sugar. The combination of chilled coffee, milk, and ice creates a creamy and refreshing base, while the whipped cream topping adds a decadent finishing touch.

Whether you're enjoying this Blueberry Cobbler Frappuccino as a midday pick-me-up or a sweet treat after dinner, it's sure to become a favorite in your beverage rotation. With its delicious flavor and creamy texture, this Frappuccino is the perfect way to indulge your cravings while staying cool and refreshed. So go ahead, blend up a batch, and treat yourself to a little taste of summer!