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Hard Seltzer Pairings

Hard Seltzer Pairings

This recipe only requires 2 ingredients but has huge flavor!

Take your choice of hard seltzer and add a splash of your choice of skinny syrup to make your hard seltzer taste sweet & flavorful without adding any extra sugar or calories!

Pro Tip: Add a shot of your favorite liquor for a little extra spike!


Dragon Fruit Acai with Crook Marker Blackberry Lime

Cherry with Bud Light Seltzer Black Cherry

Hibiscus Passion Fruit with Truly Passion Fruit

Meyer Lemon Raspberry with Bud Light Lemon Lime

Raspberry with White Claw Raspberry

Peach with Natural Light Seltzer Aloha Beaches

Cotton Candy with Raspberry Rose

Mango with Southern Tier Vodka Seltzer Mango peach