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Hangover Helper

"Strong Drinks For Strong Women" can often mean you wake up the next day with a strong headache. Looking for a drink recipe to help ease that hangover? Look no further! For maximum hydration, follow the recipe below to a 'T'. If you're looking for extra pizazz, some added hair of the dog can enhance this recipe's power to the next level.


5 minutes


5 minutes

  • Pour 8 oz of coconut or sparkling water into a glass.
  • Add 2 tbsp of Blueberry Burst + Antioxidants Syrup and stir. The added antioxidants in this syrup will help clear your body of free radicals while giving you some much needed hydration.
  • Add in a squeeze of orange or lemon to boost your immunity with Vitamin C. Ever wonder why your skin looks so dull after drinking? That's because alcohol depletes Vitamin C - the vitamin that enables your body to produce collagen to keep your skin looking young and fresh. A healthy serving of Vitamin C can get you back to feeling like the best version of yourself in no time at all.
  • If you're feeling like you need some extra support after a heavy night of drinking, adding a little hair of the dog can help ease your hangover aches and pains. Adding 1/2 a shot of vodka to your drink can mitigate your headache temporarily. However, it's probably best to give your body a break from all the booze!