How Long Do Fruit Syrups Last?

How Long Do Fruit Syrups Last?

Those curious about the shelf life of fruit syrup may wonder how long it lasts after you crack open the packaging. While it depends on how you store it, the best way to extend the shelf life of opened fruit syrups (or even some Skinny Syrups) is to keep them refrigerated–and don’t forget to close the containers tightly. 

The Popularity Of Fruit Syrups

Fruit syrups are nothing new in the sweetener world, but they remain popular because of the rich added flavor they bring to beverages, desserts, and baked goods. 

To make fruit syrup, juice is extracted when the fruit is pressed. The color and flavor are removed from the liquid, which is then reduced to a clear syrup to used as a sweetener. Most fruit syrups we see on store shelves are sugar substitutes. 

In the past, syrups used to come from overripe or damaged fruit that could not be sold in a market. However, this is no longer the case. 

Some fruit syrups maintain the flavor and color of the fruit used, such as strawberry or blueberry syrup. We should point out that you can make this syrup at home if you have the time.

Fruit Syrup Shelf Life

Fruit syrup can last for quite some time. Continuously refrigerated fruit syrup will remain edible for about twelve to eighteen months. In most cases, if you properly store your fruit syrup in airtight packaging and there are no signs of spoilage, you can rest easy and use it as much as you like. 

You should also consider the expiration date on the fruit syrup packaging, especially after opening. Usually, commercially packaged fruit syrup will have labels that say Best By, Best If Used By or Best Before to give you an idea of the timeframe it’s best to use the product.

It may surprise you that the date is not related to food safety at all! Instead, the manufacturers estimate how long the fruit syrup will taste its best and use that date on the label.

Fruit syrup will remain safe for consumption in most instances if it is kept continuously refrigerated, has intact packaging, and shows no signs of spoilage. It is also important to remember that the storage time for opened fruit syrup is for the best quality only. Once that time passes, the flavor or color may change, but it is usually still perfectly fine to eat.

Some of the ways you can tell whether or not your fruit syrup has gone bad are to smell it and to take a closer look. If it has an off odor or shows signs of mold, you should throw it away.

Final Thoughts

Fruit syrups are very versatile, offering different flavors and aromas. So hop on board this popular trend. After all, we know that it is long-lasting!

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