Does Margarita Mix Contain Alcohol?

Does Margarita Mix Contain Alcohol?

After a long Friday at work, it's simply a great feeling to come back home and relax with a chilled margarita. When bartending at home or for friends, getting a good margarita mix can help take your cocktails to the next level, and skinny margarita mixes are exactly what you need in order to make that perfect margarita with fewer calories. 

Margarita mix is a concentrated juice-like concoction that is typically flavored with lime or lemon and is used as the base for making a margarita cocktail–let’s dive in further to understand what margarita mix really is.

What Is a Margarita Mix? 

A margarita mix is a sweet, sour, and salty concentrated liquid with most of the components that go into a margarita, so all you have to do is add tequila and ice. A good mix allows a bartender or host to make delicious margaritas with ease, and there are various kinds of mixes available in the market, from gourmet to generic. 

What Are the Basic Components of a Margarita Mix?

The main goal of any mix is to allow people to make a great-tasting margarita in as few steps as possible. Traditionally, margaritas are made with a base of orange-flavored liqueur, lemon or lime juice, and some kind of simple syrup, and a quality margarita mix should emulate this. The bartender then adds tequila and blends it with ice or serves it over ice in a chilled glass. The two essential flavors that should be balanced in a margarita are the sweet and the tart, and pre-made margarita mixes can help achieve this delicate balance of flavors with ease. 

How to Choose the Best Margarita Mix 

When it comes to margarita mixes, there is no shortage of options. With such a wide range of available mixes, it can be quite daunting to choose the right mix. However, certain factors can assist you in making this decision. First, it is important to consider what kind of drink you are trying to make. Fancy, expensive mixes tend to make a more gourmet style margarita which might do well for a dinner party, whereas for a backyard barbeque or more casual get-together, you might want to use a product that is a little more low-key and inexpensive. 

The second most important consideration is the quality of ingredients used in the mix. For example, it’s important to know if a mix is made with natural ingredients such as concentrated lime juice, or artificial lime flavor; added sugars, overall calories, and sodium content are also some crucial concerns to take into account. You wouldn't want a margarita that ruins your diet plan! 

Does a Margarita Mix Contain Alcohol? 

Usually, they don’t. Most margarita mixes are just citrusy, sweet, concentrated liquids that you would later add your tequila to. However, when shopping in-store for a mix, you may sometimes find a pre-made margarita in a bottle that does contain alcohol–so be sure and check out the label before purchasing.

Final Takeaway 

A good margarita mix cuts down on most of the work of making a cocktail, helping you create that perfect glass of margarita in a few simple steps. Wanting a low-calorie option? Our skinny margarita mix will give you a margarita packed with flavor that’s easy to make, without the concern of straying from your diet plan. Wonder how much tequila to use for a pitcher of margaritas or what salt to use for margaritas? Check out our recent articles for all the information you need!