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Which Skinny Mixes products will help you reach your New Year goal?

Which Skinny Mixes products will help you reach your New Year goal?

We know that when you check out our site, it can be a bit overwhelming, after all, we do have over 80 different flavors and products making the possibilities truly endless. At Skinny Mixes, we believe in giving you tons of options so that you can choose products that best support your health goals. As we move into 2022 we understand that you have new goals for the new year so here is a little guide on what products we offer and how they can help you achieve your specific goals. 

Classic Syrups 

Looking to cut out extra sugar and extra calories this new year? We got you! Whether you go to a coffee shop or make your cup of joe and home, we know that coffee has become a ritual for most and one that can not be skipped! Research has found that the average person consumes about 3 teaspoons of sugar per day which is about 41 calories per cup of coffee. That may not seem like much but it definitely can add up! Also, let’s be honest, many of us are guilty of putting way more sugar into our coffees than just 3 teaspoons. Before  I started my career at Skinny Mixes, I was addicted to going to the coffee shop and getting fancy drinks. I was shocked to find out that my go-to caramel latte contained 420 calories and 47 grams of sugar! And yes I was drinking that every day! No one wants to give up the flavors that they love, that is why our classic syrups are the perfect option. They are zero sugar, zero calories and they taste extremely delicious!  

Keto Syrups

Are your pans for 2022 to go Keto? If so, you’re going to want to check our Keto Line! I know what you are thinking… “um, aren't all of your syrups keto-friendly” and the answer to that question is yes! All of our syrups are sugar-free and will not take you out of Ketosis and therefore are all Keto-friendly, but we have made our Keto line specifically with those on the Keto lifestyle in mind. Our Keto syrups are slightly different than our traditional syrups. They are sweetened Stevia, Monk Fruit, Erythritol and contain your daily dose of MCT oil! 

Functional Syrup

Is your new year’s resolution to increase your intake of vitamins? Then check out our functional syrups that contain added vitamins to each bottle! There are three delicious flavors, Blueberry Burst + Antioxidants, Citrus Splash + Immunity, and Peach Ring + Energy. To find more about the specific functions of each syrup, click here.


Maybe you are looking to save money and be your own bartender, or maybe you want to cut out the extra calories and sugars that come with drinking cocktails. If you can relate to the statement then our Mixers are a great option for you! They are 5 calories per serving and have zero sugars!