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Drop The Soda, Drop The Weight

Summer is coming, and I won't lie; I am not ready! Like many of us sometimes do, I gained a lot of weight sitting at home during the winter, eating bags of chips, and drinking gallons of soda. With only a few months left until my body needed to be beach-ready, I realized I had to change my ways. At the beginning of my soda-free lifestyle transition, I noticed that I usually consume an energy drink in the morning (200 calories alone), a soda with my lunch (another 150 calories), and a vodka sprite to end the night (250 calories). I was consuming around 600 calories a day in just drinks alone! No wonder I wasn't losing any weight despite the fact I was living in the gym. I decided to make some swaps and drop the soda to help me drop the weight. Join me in dropping soda from your diet with these three easy swaps!

1 Berry Soda

This drink is an easy "yes" with zero sugar and all the flavor. Did I mention it has 25% of your daily Vitamin C?


  • 2 cups of Soda Water
  • 2 tbsp of Blueberry Burst + Antioxidants Syrup
  • 1 tbsp of Strawberry Syrup
  • 1 tbsp of Raspberry Syrup


  1. Add syrups to soda water, stir, and enjoy!


Sugar Free Blueberry Burst + Antioxidants Syrup

Sugar Free Strawberry Syrup

Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup

2 Coconut Soda

This drink will give you all the tropical soda vibes you need for a Monday afternoon.


  • 1 cup of Soda Water
  • 2 tbsp of Coconut Syrup


  1. Add syrup to soda water, stir, and enjoy the tropical vibes.


Sugar Free Coconut Syrup

3 Pina Colada

A tropical daydream drink - but make it spiked!


    • 3 oz. of Pina Colada Mix
    • 1 oz. Rum
    • Pineapple Garnish


  1. In a shaker mix rum, ice, and Pina Colada mix. Pour into a glass and garnish with pineapple. Enjoy!


Skinny Pina Colada Mix

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