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How Many Carbs Are In Coffee?

Coffee is famous for its robust flavor, delicious taste, and caffeine kick. It is one of the most popular drinks globally. But if you’re conscious of your daily carb intake, you may wonder how your cups of coffee contribute to your carb allowance each day.

In reality, the answer can vary. The carb content of many coffee beverages ranges from zero to quite high depending on the drink. 

This article discusses whether coffee has carbs and guides you on how to make your coffee low-carb friendly. To check out the best syrups for coffee that are carb-free, read on at this link. 

How Many Carbs Are In A Cup Of Coffee?

A twelve-ounce cup of black coffee contains less than one gram of carbohydrates. Of course, if you drink from a large mug or frequently down multiple cups of coffee, the number of carbohydrates will be more. 

Still, that number is negligible compared to other traditional breakfast drinks and foods. For instance, a small banana has twenty-three grams, but a bagel has fifty-five grams. And an eight-ounce glass of juice has twenty-seven grams of carbs.

Caffeine doesn’t affect your carbohydrate count, so if you drink decaf or regular, the carbs in a cup of black coffee are the same. Which makes black coffee a keto-friendly coffee choice.

Americanos, espressos, and black coffee have less than one gram of carbs, but mochas, cappuccinos, and lattes have more calories. However, if you order something other than espresso or black coffee at a coffee shop, your carb intake will probably be higher. 

For instance, take these twelve-ounce coffee beverages from Starbucks, all containing two percent milk:

  • Caramel Brulee Latte packs fifty-four grams of carbohydrates.
  • Mocha packs thirty-four grams of carbohydrates.
  • Latte has fifteen grams of carbohydrates.
  • Cappuccino has nine grams of carbohydrates.

As you can see, the carbohydrate content of espresso or coffee drinks varies significantly. Most coffee shops’ favorites also have whipped cream. Just two tablespoons of whipped cream add approximately one gram of carbohydrates to your coffee.

How Many Carbs Does Black Coffee Have?

If you like your coffee black, then you have it easy. Unfortunately, some people hate how black coffee tastes, adding sugar and milk to cover the intense flavor. Again, there are no carbohydrates in black coffee. Thus, you need not worry about what type of milk you should use or spend time calculating the amount of sugar you should add. If you’re worried about carbohydrate consumption, black coffee offers the healthiest way to enjoy your coffee.

If you want to drink black coffee but hate the strong taste of pure coffee, slowly reduce the sugar and milk you add over several weeks. This way, you’ll significantly increase your chances of loving the taste of black coffee as you won’t shock your taste buds by taking away their sugar and milk safety net. Like a fine wine, black coffee is an acquired taste, and it may not immediately resonate with your taste buds. However, you’ll s;owly be able to recognize and appreciate the subtle flavors present by adding less milk and sugar to your coffee over time.

How Can I Make My Coffee Low-Carb-Friendly?

Are you on a low-carb diet? You may ask yourself if you can still drink certain coffee beverages. 

Many low-carb diets recommend cutting down your carbohydrates intake to less than 130 grams a day for a two thousand calorie diet. However, even though you’re sticking to this limit, you can occasionally enjoy your favorite coffee drink by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Order smaller sizes or order your coffee with less sugar or milk.
  • Avoid carbohydrate-rich extras: Order your coffee drink without flavored syrups or whipped cream.
  • Take your coffee without sugar: Order flavored coffee beverages with sugar-free syrups with fewer carbs than regular coffee syrups. 
  • Add milk and other ingredients to your coffee yourself at the coffeehouse to control how many carbs it has.
  • Experiment with non-dairy: Add unsweetened and non-dairy milk to your black coffee. Non-dairy milk, such as almond, cashew, coconut, hemp, or soy, has fewer carbohydrates than sweetened non-dairy milk or dairy milk.

Here at Skinny Mixes we have a wide range of flavored coffee syrups with no carbs or sugar. These sugar-free and no-carbs syrups are perfect for carb-conscious people, such as those on a keto-based diet.

Final Thoughts

Although black coffee and espresso have no carbohydrates, that doesn’t mean all coffee drinks have no carbs. Most of the specialty beverages you’ll find on the menu at a coffeehouse are full of carbs and aren’t great for those on low-carb diets. 

With a few clever substitutes, you can continue indulging in fancy coffee beverages without exceeding your daily carb intake. Making cold brew or using unsweetened substitute milk offers excellent ways to enjoy delicious coffee drinks for carb-conscious folks. No matter your preference, check out Skinny Mixes for your keto needs today!