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What to Add to Water for Flavor

Water is the best thirst quencher–and while its neutral flavor is arguably one of its best features, many people can’t help but want to spice, sweeten, or perk it up a bit for a more enjoyable drink. You can add several different ingredients to water for flavor, from fruits to bubbles to flavor infusions, and it’s all a matter of plopping these additions in! Here are some things that you can incorporate into your H2O for tastier sips:

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are some of the best ways to flavor water. Citrus fruits (like lemons) and berries, in particular, are crowd favorites, adding zest, color, and freshness to the drink simply by being there. They’re great, especially in the summer! 

You can mix and match your options, too, and even customize your choices based on your diet and preferences since each type of fruit brings its own slew of benefits. For example, if you want to load up on some carbs with your drink, infuse it with kiwi, grapefruit, or pomegranate. You can also play around with exotic fruit, if you have them!

If you’re wondering how to infuse water with fruit, simply let the fruit of your choice sit in the liquid for at least a few minutes (ideally an hour or two, but you can even go as long as overnight) until the flavor gets into the drink. Remember that the longer it steeps, the more flavorful it will be!

You can also take a cue from the spa, and drop a few slices of cucumber into your drink for an easy refresher. Ginger is also a good addition to water. Not only does it give your beverage a spicy kick, but it also improves your health by warding off bacteria and germs, decreasing nausea, and aiding in digestion.


If you have a juicer or just the extra muscle to squeeze the juice out of your fruits, use this liquid to add flavor to your water. Tart juices are best to use in this case; examples include cranberries, grapes, and even tomatoes. Choose all-natural juices with no added juices for extra benefits. They’re loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are sure to give you a power-up!


There are plenty of healthy tea options that you can use to flavor your tea. Choose from a selection of fruit, herbal, red, green, and white teas (all of which are healthier for you than black tea), then see which one matches your preferences. Once you’ve got a taste for them, venture out into more exotic teas later on.

Flowers and Herbs

You can use fresh or dried flowers and herbs to naturally flavor your H2O. Common choices include mint, basil cinnamon, sage, and lavender, which you can infuse in your water just like fruits. You can even muddle them (i.e. mash them up) to really extract their flavors. Make sure to strain out any leftovers before drinking!

Flowers and herbs are especially excellent when you pair them with fresh fruit.


Hear us out—sometimes, water tastes better when it’s served at a different temperature. If that’s true for you, then try icing your drink! You can play with shapes and flavors, too. You can infuse ice with flavorings before adding it to your plain water or freeze them in different forms for an overall more fun beverage.


Adding a little fizz can make water more interesting to drink. Try seltzer or soda water, and if you find that you enjoy that more than the still kind, consider investing in a carbonator.

Minerals and Powders

Stir in mineral drops and powdered greens into your water for added flavor—and nutrients! You’ll get the benefits of the good stuff without the effort of having to make shakes and bakes. If you’re an athlete, you might even want to try putting in some electrolyte tablets in your H2O!


If you want a quick and easy flavor booster, you can use a variety of flavorings such as drink mixes, flavor enhancers, sweeteners, syrups, and flavor cartridges. Skinny Mixes’ flavor infusions are great examples of sweeteners that you can flavor water with without any extra carbs or sugar!

Flavor Your Water With Skinny Mixes Sugar-Free Infusions

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