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Something new is coming!


This week the Skinny Mixes kiddos were the first to get their hands on our newest product. This product has been in the works for a while and is about ready to go into production! Although the new product is a surprise, we can tell you the kids absolutely loved it. This new product is kid AND adult friendly. It's already been approved by people of all ages!

The kids have been raving about the taste of our new product. They love mixing in their Skinny Syrups to add different flavors! We keep hearing the same question over and over again. "Mommy, when can I have more?!" As parents, we're so ready to share the product our child loves with you and your family too! The best part is that it's naturally sweetened and low in sugar and calories!

This product will be available in Spring of 2021. What do you think it will be?! Let us know your thoughts! Is there any product you wish we made?