• Hoping to see stuff sweetened with monk fruit, stevia, or erythritol! Everything you make sounds amazing, but my poor stomach can’t handle sucralose :(

    Emily Kleier on

  • It would be great to see all the meaningful wellness drinks sold online!

    Jennifer on

  • I would love some ice cream recipes using the syrups. I have 34 bottles of your delicious syrups. I’m t2 diabetic and they are a life saver for me!

    Catherine Voci on

  • After hearing about these and I bought some to try, I was floored with the flavors and how good they were! My teen daughter loves them as well. I have to keep her out of them so I have some! I also would like to see Vanilla Bean. I love the fruity flavors for my water and the others for my coffee. I can’t wait to try baking with some and making popsicles!

    Barb W on

  • It would be great to have travel sizes. When at restaurants i could order regular water or tea and add a bit of your awesomeness 😁

    Charles on

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