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How to make blue raspberry snow cone syrup

Frosty Fun Unleashed: Crafting Magical Blue Raspberry Snow Cone Syrup with Jordan's Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Genie Syrup! โ„๏ธ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿง

Hello, Snow Cone Sorcerers! Are you ready to turn your winter wonderland into a frosty fiesta? Look no further because we're about to sprinkle a dash of magic on your snow cone adventures. Today's secret ingredient? Jordan's Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Genie Syrup โ€“ the enchanting blue raspberry elixir that transforms icy treats into a flavor-packed spectacle.

Prepare to embark on a journey of icy delight as we unveil the whimsical recipe for crafting your very own Blue Raspberry Snow Cone Syrup. Spoiler alert: it's as easy as waving a magic wand!


  • Crushed Ice (aka snow cone snow!)
  • Jordan's Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Genie Syrup (Blue Raspberry)
  • Love and a pinch of winter magic


Summon the Snow Cone Snow:

Gather a heap of fluffy crushed ice. If you're feeling adventurous, venture into your backyard and harvest the purest, fluffiest snow. Just be sure it's clean and free of any surprises from mischievous snow fairies!

Drizzle the Blue Raspberry Magic:

Grab your bottle of Jordan's Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Genie Syrup โ€“ the true star of the show! With a flourish, generously drizzle the magical blue raspberry elixir over the snow. Watch as the syrup weaves its spell, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Swirl and Twirl:

Use your snow cone spoon or a trusty fork to swirl and twirl the syrup into the icy landscape. Ensure every nook and cranny is kissed by the sweet embrace of blue raspberry goodness. It's like painting a winter masterpiece, one swirl at a time!

Taste the Magic:

Take a moment to appreciate your creation before taking that first magical bite. The combination of chilly ice and the explosion of blue raspberry flavor will transport you to a winter wonderland like no other. Close your eyes and let your taste buds dance in the frosty celebration!

Optional Enchantments:

Feel free to add a touch of extra magic to your snow cone adventure. Sprinkle edible glitter for a sparkly finish, or top it off with tiny marshmallow snowmen. The options are as limitless as your imagination!

Share the Frosty Joy:

The best part of crafting your Blue Raspberry Snow Cone Syrup is sharing the frosty joy with friends and family. Host a snow cone party and let everyone customize their icy creations. It's a surefire way to spread winter magic and create memories as sweet as the snow cones themselves.

Now, the secret ingredient, Jordan's Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Genie Syrup, adds a guilt-free twist to your snow cone indulgence. With zero sugar and all the flavor, it's the perfect potion for those looking to enjoy the sweetness of life without the unnecessary calories.

Ready to embark on your snowy adventure? Head to skinnymixes.com, where the magic happens! Snag a bottle (or two) of Sugar Free Genie Syrup, and let the enchantment begin. Transform your winter days into a frosty carnival of flavors with Jordan's Skinny Mixes โ€“ because who said snow cones are just for summer? โ„๏ธ๐Ÿงโœจ